Getting on my e-bike

I have always liked the freedom that cycling and being in the fresh air and sunshine gives me. When I was  20 year old I would race round the local lanes on my racing bike, but now alas I need an e-bike to get around. It enables me to cycle off road, use the Sustrans cycling routes, (my favourite is the Viking trail from near Dover to Whistable taking in some lovely sea views). Otherwise I can be found on the Single track at Bedgebury Forest. Some shout cheat as I pass them going up hill with ease. I just ignore them and carry on. I don't have the same strength on my left side that I used to because of my stroke. I even take my bike camping. It takes longer to erect my tent but I'm not ready to give up yet. But best of all it is healthy.


A-ma-zing!!  So impressed with what you've achieved xx

Why not use an e-bike? There are plenty of able bodied and young people that ride an e-bike, so why not take advantage of some extra power?

I am not sure how long the battery will last for. I still use pedal power, but only for an hour or two. Maybe I will buy an e-bike at some point?

Please enjoy your cycling. It is great to get away from the crowd!