Getting old

I saw this list of things that brought back memories of my younger days .
Feel free to add or even a memory of the things listed

  1. Fish & Chips wrapped in

  2. Glass bottles with a refundable deposit

  3. 78rpm records

  4. Party Telephone lines

  5. Milk delivered in glass bottles

  6. Television in b/w only

  7. Beat bobbies both night & day

  8. The coal man deliveries

  9. Shilling-in-the-slot utility metres

  10. Your G.P making house calls

  11. Television rental services

  12. Scots & Guides bob-a-job-week

  13. Two films shown per sitting

  14. Conductors on the buses

  15. Usherettes at the cinema

I remember how I used to always try be the 1st with my cornflakes in the morning so I could open the bottle of milk & pour out the cream


We were taught the policeman (bobby) was our friend. There were boys and girls, no whats?

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The corona pop man - delivered bottles of pop. Only had them at christmas in my house as we was skint :rofl:

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I just knew there was even more to add so glad other peoples are remembering

I remember name tags on my school uniform & my gloves were attached with a long piece of tape so I’d never loose them :joy:

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Does anyone else rember crisps with a small packet

of salt in the bag.


10 mixture? Of sweets

Oh yes i remember those. How often did you bite into the salt bag :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

@Jordan yes we had gloves that were on elastic & threaded through coat sleeves :rofl::rofl:

Steam engines on the railway and ‘Summer Specials’ to the coast. :steam_locomotive:

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I know this makes me look really old (63) but as a nanny I am amazed at the number of tv channels for kids. If I remember rightly we had to wait until about 3.30 for kids tv to start and there wasn’t a great choice:

The Wooden Tops
Camberwick Green
Jack A Nory
Magic Roundabout (on at about 5pm)

I’m sure there must be many more I haven’t thought of

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Great shout, I’d forgotten about Bill & Ben, I loved that one

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The Herbs, Pogles Wood, Roobarb & Custard, Noggin the Nog and my personal favourite The Clangers.

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The first television set we had was one in a wooden frame. When it was switched off we had to close the wooden doors on the front and it just looked like there was a cupboard in the corner. (Early 60s).


Clangers - now they were good - metal hen and soup dragon!

Yep I loved them. We had a black & white TV when I was young so I was shocked when I saw it as an adult in colour! Even better.

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Collecting pennies from change that had been in ciculation since 1899 or before

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Green shields stamps with shopping then sticking then in the book and the taste of the gum


The Rag & Bone man, came down the street shouting “toys for rags” :smile:

And toasting your bread on the end of a toasting fork in front of an open coal fire.

@sunnyday You were posh with wooden doors in front of your tv :laughing:

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I also remember my preference for an as
Astec bar rather than the traditional Mars bar it came in a purple wrapper . I think :thinking:


I lived in the countryside and there were muddy tracks with pot holes, not roads. Hedges grew each side. There were blackberry bushes and brooks full of frog spawn. All gone, with the insects and the flocks of sparrows and starlings. Now the roads are smoothed over the fields are gone and filled with red brick houses and bungalows.

Super fast fibre broadband has eaten everything up, perhaps we will be next on the horror menu.


There’s a swing park all colour coded with bark on the ground if children happen to come off the apparatus & fell . Can’t have kids 2day getting any kind of scrape while falling in a play park these days (A hiviz will be required b4 long for all
Outdoor activities…
( crazy politically correct society)
I remember as a boy visiting the swing park & falling many a time on the concrete surface & yes with the occasional plaster for my cuts & bruises. Children today I feel are wrapped up in too much cotton wool