Getting dressed

Getting dressed one handed any tips I find socks and shoes the most difficult 

Slip on shoes  are a godsend. You can buy sock aides online, although, after three years, I can manage socks quite well. Examples here.

I use an aid to help me put on socks and tights.  It holds the sock open and I can use the tape to pull it up. A long handle shoe horn is a life saver for putting on shoes. Tried to add pictures but failed.  But if you put into a search engine loads appear.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

In addition to the helful tips, the best method is time. As the months go by then the rolling around on the floor in a failed attempt to get the left sock on, will be a distant memory. Just keep trying. keep moving and things will improve.

Its something we can look forward to.


Best wishes


Velco shoes is good for me. 

This might be helpful I haven’t wore sock since Oct 2016 too much hassle I still get socks for Xmas and I always wear slip on sketches they are really comfortable my most difficult this was putting a T-shirt on my stroke arm shoulder never went on right I’m much better now but still not puuyrfect 


...Yeh....well I ain't worn pants since much hassle. ..socks no problem. ..

I walk better in Sketchers than any other shoe.


I wear Hotter shoes. They enable an extra insert (orthotic) to keep my feet and ankles in line. Often on special offer, which makes them more affordable. The orthotic inserts are horribly costly, but cant really put a price on walking with less pain.

Hi Colin - my rheumatology nurse got me an appointment with the Bio-mechanics team at my local hospital.  They made me some great orthotics, all on the good old NHS.  I had a special mould of my foot (made into a plaster cast, which I have to take responsibility for looking after!!), and about 4 weeks later my orthotics were ready.  They are fairly slimline and have a cushioning layer, so they're very comfy.  Hotter shoes work well because the insert can usually be removed to give extra space for any orthotic or similar.  Now I look for removable insert when I buy shoes as I know I can use my own bespoke inserts.  Comfy footwear SO important!!  I used to be such a shoe freak - hundreds of pairs, but now go for comfort every time!! 

Hi Nic, 

Proves we're getting older when go for comfort over fashion. Couldn't agree more! Hotter shoes are brilliant. I discovered them pre stroke and while working on wards. Post stroke just as good and some pretty colours.

Happy feet makes a happy me! ??


Mine are Hotter, too! ? ? ? ? ? 


Seems like we're all pretty ...... HOT!! ?