Flying after sttroke

Hello all, after my stroke, I haven’t had an operation so I still live with the blood clot in my brain. The thing is I need to fly home and I am concerned if the cabin pressure has any effect on the brain. Has any of you flown after stroke How soon after and how did you feel? My GP told me I need to tell the flight company about it and warn them but I am afraid they won’t let me fly if they know my state.I would appreciate any advice on the matter Thank you.

Hi Monika, welcome to our forum. I waited a year after my stroke 6 years ago before I went abroad but that was my choice, waited until I felt confident to be away from home. I was told to wait 6 months by my consultant at the hospital. Sorry I don’t have any definitive advice, I’m sure one of our contributors will be able to offer some useful advice.

Regards Sue

@Monika welcome to the forum but sorry you’ve had a stroke.

I flew 5 months after my stroke and didn’t have any problems. I had a clot based stroke & was put on clopidogrel. Are you on medication to disperse the clot?

I mentioned my stroke to the holiday company & they told me as long as I hadn’t been told not to fly then I was ok to go. I did get a fit to fly letter from my GP though just in case of any issues.

I think most airlines won’t allow you to fly for 28 days but they all have different rules so you’d need to check with your airline.

I was just advised to make sure I kept my feet and legs moving to reduce risk of further clots. I found the aircraft noise difficult so take ear plugs but had no issues with cabin pressure.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.

Ann xx

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I was given the advice to wait for a year for short haul and 2 years for any long haul (4 hours +)

Hi - I had my stroke when on holiday in NewYork I flew after 3 weeks in hospital and was unable to move my right arm or leg so I was seat bound …I was told as I was taking warfarin it was safe to fly
I arrived back In the uk and was admitted into hospital straight from the flight by ambulance. So it was a very scary time and a very long flight home! I was 53 at the time and that was 5 years ago so hopefully that helps.