Flick Kicks Forward

I have been going to an Active Seniors exercise class for two years. I go three times a week. We start with a warm up then have a session of ‘senior aerobics’. In the beginning this was very hard because my brain would not allow me to do arms and legs, only one or the other. I also had to use the back of the chair for balance.

The hardest bits for me were taking steps forward and back, doing flick kicks going forward and back and anything that meant stepping away from the chair and having no support. Over the last five or six weeks I have been able to do these with little or no support. I still cannot do more than slow ordinary steps backwards and I am always mindful of my balance. Today, two of my classmates said they were amazed at how much I have improved.

I still have a long way to go, but it proves that persistence pays off. One woman said,’What you’re doing is so much better than sitting in a chair waiting to die.’ I couldn’t agree more. Keep at it fellow survivors!

JJM that’s brilliant news. My husband, John, is currently exercising his feet as he has plantar fasciitis! He thinks that’s enough just now and he’s probably right! However, he started Pilates with me last year then dropped out because didn’t enjoy it. He could do with going to a class like yours. V&J 

Thank you Veronica. We are lucky locally, because Mark,our trainer, has realised there is a market in keeping us old codgers on the move. He runs 5 classes a week for the over 60s and the oldest participant is 90! His classes are well thought through and we are all encouraged to work to our ability. We rib him no end, but he takes this in his stride. The social aspect is just as important a tonic as the exercise. I hope you John finds something he likes.

I’ll let you know! ??‍♂️?️‍♂️.