Fittness, they can keep it

Hi Everyone,

My names Richard, and about 7 years ago, while I was at work, a college suggested I might like to go to the gym with him Working in an office, I was trying trying to keep the pounds off, I am a big lad to start with, working on the building sites, was fairly active. I went to the gym, got into a bit of running, started road running. One day, the blood pressure built up, and would not come down, later that night, I had my first stoke.My blood pressure was through the roof, Ambulance said, If I dont go to hospital, I might not survive the night. I was very lucky, I got to hospital in time, and I know it leaves people with different things, I think I got off very lightly, but it does leave me a lot more emotional, I could cry at anything sometimes ( I cried when Zak Dingles dog died) and my arm kills if anybody touches it, (nerve damage ) I never realised how much of a problem this could be. If someone taps me on my shoulder, it can floor me, we have to avoid crowded places, I have to sit on the inside, so nobody can accidently hit my arm. I have bought a bandage sleave to use if we go out, so people know. Simple things you take for granted, Its even worse if Im tired, and it goes really, dead like cold. As I say Im really lucky, still driving, still holding a job down, and all this started because I was wanting to get fit. Im a cart horse, and Ill never be a race horse, so dont push too hard friends. Stay well. Richard

Thank you for posting Richard. Stroke hits when we least expect it and the after effects last a long time. Glad to hear you are coping. It’s something we all learn to do, however difficult. Hope things improve even further for you.

Thanks for that, they certainly do hit when you least expect it, I was feeling fitter than I had for a long time, the last thing I expected was to have a stroke. Even though it is a while ago now, I think I am still learning about things that has changed within myself.I think I am a lot quicker to loose my temper now, or is it because im getting older, I dont know, I know im not like I was, could be the stroke, could be age. My biggest problem is my arm, I get a lot of problems with that, hurts like mad if it gets knocked. I also have problems with rememboring things, forgot to mention it in my first post, funny that, lol Take care Richard

Hi Richard,

I agree with you regarding stuff fitness they can keep it, I often wonder if I had chosen a less healthy lifestyle if I would have avoided my stroke, I got into sport quite heavily at senior school, playing football and rugby and running both track and long distance, after leaving school being a big fan of our local rugby league team, I concentrated on playing amatuer rugby league, I transfered through a number of teams until at the age of 22 I found myself playing for one of the top local amatuer premiership teams, getting to this point entailed a lot of very hard training both on the field and out running, in fact it was during that time I completed my first of four  marathons, I took my health and fitness very seriously at that time, I didnt smoke and drank very very little, I watched what I ate in fact I didnt have my first mcdonalds until I was 50, yet despite all this healthy living when I was 55 out of the blue I had a stroke and I wonder if my life had consisted of smoking getting drunk and meeting mucky women along with consuming masses of burgers if my life would have been better, all my friends who favoured that sort of lifestyle seem to be OK.

regarding your shoulder, I too had symptons of tenderness e.t.c. with mine, it was diagnosed as subluxed and was very painful, my GP prescribed a series of gold injections into my shoulder which helped tremendously after the first one or two, he also suggested that if they did not work, botox injections could do it, 

regarding the crying I think having a stroke does this to most people I get the same way, my wifes favourite film is titanic with leonardo decaprio, at the end I would usually go on about how there was plenty of room on that bit of wood for him as well as her, now I just weep buckets

Hi Richard

I think it's just luck / fate/ destiny when it hits. I too was starting to get fit and the day of the stroke was just home after a days relaxation and meditation class!! However I have been quite lucky and am just gradually getting back into physical activity. All the best. Mo x

Cheers mate, I dont think I was as fit as you when I had my stroke, you sound like you was well in to it, I just wanted to loose a few pounds, working in an office. Previous to me going in office, I was fit, in respect I worked on a building site, block paving, tarmac drives, etc, but was totally shocked when it happened, I thought I was fitter than that, possibly imune to something like that happening, just goes to show. I really is good to hear of someone with similar problems, Ive never heard off anyone who had a stroke, that has problems with their arm like I do, its fine until someone pats it ( as if to say 'see you later') or knocks it, then it hurts like hell, really hurts.

Interesting to hear how you had your treatment, Ive only seen specialist once, and cannot get to see him again, but the way I look at it is, Im a lot better than others. Thanks for getting in touch, sorry for the delay in replying. Richard

Hi Pleased to hear you are getting back to as normal as we can, Im no expert, but I think youre doing right ,trying to get back into fittness, Im sure you will get there. I also think how lucky Ive been, (although Id rather be lucky and win the lottery) when you think what it could have left you with, it frightening. You stay well love, all the best for the future. Richard