Fitness post stroke - can it be diminished

Prior to my “minor” stroke 4 weeks ago, I was active in walking and climbing. I’ve found that my general fitness seems to have dropped, both from a strength point of view and aerobic. 

Appreciate it’s 4 weeks of not doing my normal stuff but it seems worse than I would have expected. 

Anyone had similar issues

thanks in advance 

Dear Simont

Not sure about the terminology of a minor stroke. There are full strokes, which cause an infarct which is a permanent disability and then there are transient strokes, also known as TIAs or mini strokes and these do not (usually) cause permanent damage.

Many of us were fit and well pre stroke. We are the ones who survive. Those who are unfit are often not so lucky. Your fitness will help you during your recovery. 

I do hope you have had a TIA and not a full stroke, as it means a good and full recovery is pretty much certain. 

Full strokes do impact strength (weakness) and usually damage breathing etc for many many months.

Best wishes


I was very wobbly at the start.once home I started walking, going out for an hour or two. I went swimming for the first time today, legs were good and arms need some  strength so I will work on them. Gentle exercise is the answer. It does take time though

Hi - sorry to hear of your stroke.  You will find lots of good advice on this site.  You will be keen to resume your normal activities, BUT you must give yourself plenty  of rest in these early days, it will be beneficial in the long-term.  Be kind to yourself now, allow your brain time to heal itself and don't ask it to do too many other things.  Healing is the brain's priority right now, you just can't see it happening!  You will be able to gradually rebuild your strength, and stamina over time.  Take some time to read the stories and experiences of others on this site, and you will gain an understanding stroke recovery.

Take good care - ?


thanks for your response. The term was used by the consultant as it, the effects weren’t major by any comparison to others, but it wasn’t a TIA as it lasted to long and I was in fact ‘thrombolised’. 

Interesting that you mention the breathing and that puts my mind at rest 

Thanks, I was only informed of the forum today and looks a great place to learn

Like many people, I’m impatient but do know I need to take time with gentle in terms of what is deemed normal, not I what I think of as normal  smiley

Me too, I can’t sit at home doing sudoku or other puzzles, I really struggle to take it easy. I get frustrated when I can’t do things that I used to find a breeze.... and it shows something ??

Look after yourself 

I am plagued by fatigue, muzziness and wobbliness which impedes being as active as I would like to be. I had a minor stroke  18 months ago but now seem stuck. Is there a way to move forward?

Yes, similar here maybe - had a "minor" stroke back end of October (i.e. non-fatal, but now hemiparetic), so about the same as you on timing at least. I've been told about something called neurological fatigue, need to look it up, but essentially doing anything will be more tiring until your body gets used to the new you... Also, noticed my weariness increased when my meds got upped... Waiting to sort that out... Anyway, if you're on anything have a look at the fine print, tiredness may be a side effect...