First walk

Morning had my first walk in the woods today, obviously with someone was amazing listening to the birds singing and watching the wildlife my anxiety was high but I done ok ,just wanted to share as proud of myself pippy

Well done Pippy.  That first walk gives you such sence of achievement.  I am fortunate to have fields at the back of my home, which has a walk round it that is just the right length for me.  Yesterday in the dyke was a Mother duck with her babies!  Spring is here, I didnt think that earlier when we had hail stones. 

Aww Wendy that sounds beautiful being able to see mother duck with her ducklings ,thankyou for the encouragement ,we took the dog with us she's a old Labrador who sadly has gone blind she's 11 and a half years old ,so she's slow which is good for me ,we watched the squirrels chasing each other the birds singing the sun was shining the golfers were out playing golf,made me feel so lucky to be around,hailstones wow were are you I'm in Essex ,pippy 

Well done. you did it. You've just got to be like a kitten venturing out and explore a little further as your confidence grows (then scurry home to safety).

Well done Pippy - every reason to be proud of yourself.  Worth a little treat me thinks!

Thankyou yes exactly like it was ,scurry home and once in let a big sigh of relief 


Thankyou so much ,looking forward to doing it again tomorrow 


Well done a short walk everyday soon turns into a longer walk. I increased the distance about once a week. Soon enough you will get the courage to do it on your own. 

Yes just need to control my anxiety ,I felt unwell earlier felt faint straight away I panicked about having another stroke ,then anxiety kicked in again ,I'm ok now because people are home ,I hate feeling like this it normal

Hello Pippy....well done ! You SHOULD feel proud as well - it is a big step...literally. 

My Mum had a big stroke last April at age 81, and at one point we were told by the hospital that they were unsure if they would be able to get her on her feet again. 

Well on Monday, my Sister and I took her over to one of our local woodland areas - and she was able to get out of the car and walk amongst the bluebells...listening to the birds and hearing the church bells. She needed a guiding arm for support...and lots of encouragement but managed to do it, which was amazing.

It has taken a very long and difficult year to get to this stage...and anxiety and fear has been (and still continues to be) something which affects her greatly. But it's these achievements that give her...and us....the strength to carry on. So keep going.

Keep a journal of your achievements...and take lots of photos if you can. It's always good to look back and see how far you have come.

Take care




Thankyou Karen and I wish your mum and yourselves all the very best,that is a great achievement for you all ,...I'm keeping a journal which each day I add little bits to ,I'm constantly living in anxiety and negativity with myself and it's driving me and my partner so much frustration with each other and upset elderly dog isn't well and  getting so worried I'm going to loose her she's nearly 12 ...I just hate being what I've become so much ,but so pleased for you as a family 


It is normal mainly because in the early days, we are very scared of having another and this leads to the anxiety which becomes sort of a mini panic attack when we think another one is happening.  We are picking up all the slightest things that don't feel quite right and over thinking that things might happen.  The more you become used to doing the little walks, the more it becomes 'normal' to you and the anxiety will go.  Make a note in your diary of your momentus day and how proud you are and then in 6 months when you look back, you will see how far you have come since.  

Thankyou I have been keeping a journal which each day I write in ,it starts positive and then it's the same anxiety sets in panic takes over and I find myself feeling ill and worrying I'm having another stroke ,it happened lastnight evening I felt unwell panic anxiety iwas even going to go to the hospital ,but when I calmed down I realised it was yeah a moment when I felt unwell ,but guess it's going happen ,but the anxiety is shocking it was awlful ,today I've woke up but feel anxious already .....


Hi Pippy, "Onwards & Upwards" has given you a lovely reply, from someone who really has been through the same experience and feelings ?, she's a star.  

It's horrible to wake up feeling anxious with the whole day ahead of you to be faced, but the minutes pass, you do a few chores, distract yourself, and you gradually feel stronger and regain some confidence.  It's good that you're communicating on this site, you will receive so much support and reassurance which is absolutely what you need right now.  

I think a lot of people have recommended different breathing styles - most involve counting breaths and controlling the in/out breath.  If nothing else it acts as a distraction!! However, it really seems to have a calming effect, so might be worth investigating ?

Take good care, well done with the diary, it will be a useful resource for you as you make progress ? xx

Hi yes it was a loverly reply ,and makes me question myself that other people are getting through this so I can ,I will definitely try the breathing exercises,my concentration span was never that great before so even worse no trying to distract myself but I'm so grateful to everyone that has sent me messages I don't quite feel so alonex


Dear pippy

i am just about to start my morning relax, so reading this thread of posts is poignant.

if you cant do anything to relax, then breath in for four seconds. Hold breath for four seconds then breath out for four seconds. Do this four times. BTW clocks often tick each second so you can count four with the clocks.

that will be a start.

i am now going to the conservatory where i will sit and relax each muscle in my body.from top to bottom then back again. I will then set my tinnitus relaxer to play waves for thirty minutes.

i will almost certainly fall off to sleep, but its better if i just listen. The conservatory is ideal as its shelter but not part of the heated house. Not a grand conservatory, more of an informal greenhouse.

its a wonderful morning here in deepest rural essex. Not a cloud in sight, and the sky is sunny blue. 


Yes it's sunny here in sunny Southend lol,enjoy your relax and I'm most definitely going to start the breathing exercises ,I do them with patients in my job but so different when the boots on the other foot ,have a loverly day 


Me too. The next time you do it it won't be so scary and the time after that you'll wonder what you were so scared about. Then you'll go a little further and find yourself scuyrrying for home again. I keep just pushing the boundaries a little to make sure I continue to improve. (I think my husband finds it all a bit scary too).

I have bought a lanyard for my phone so I can wear it round my neck. It gives me a little reassurance that it is with me that I some means of contact with me all the time. My anxiety levels can still be quite high but it does get better day by day.

Hi yes good idea ,my phone is always in my jeans pocket ,yes reassurance does help so much.ive been doing word search in-between pottering about the house and garden ,but only do many times you can walk about the house ,the clopigergel really makes me feel the cold ,so less likely to go in the garden too much,was going to take my morning walk to the woods but my dog is poorly so been sitting with her ,she has vets this evening hope she's going to be ok ...what things do you do to occupy your mind ,