First time in my life 😂

At the age of 63 I went to a gym today for the first time ever . It was only a small one at a nearby Marriott hotel . I was worried it was gonna be full of young men sweating and showing off but I was the only one there . Hubby came too and helped me get on the treadmill and cross trainer . I’m a week away from my one year stroke anniversary which I was really not looking forward to but today took my mind off that . I’ve often thought about the day I had my stroke but I don’t want to think and try and remember what happened exactly I need to move on and look forward . Being quite tall I tried a tall hiking stick today too no back ache this evening yay I felt like a wizard with it haha


This is a good attitude to have. From my mental health point of view I find that looking for new activities (within my physical ability) is good for keeping my mood up.

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Well done. I suffered my stroke 10 months ago and I’ve been thinking about trying a gym. I do plenty of walking but have been told not to play football anymore. I’ve just got back from holiday where I swam for the first time since the stroke and I was fine. Like you I have never been to a gym before so I’m a bit apprehensive. You have given me the inspiration to give it a try.

@christine2 well done on going to the gym. Never been my thing but I did use a treadmill prior to my stroke. Once I can lift my leg again I’m hoping to get back to it.
Glad you managed to take your mind off the upcoming anniversary.
Best wishes.
Ann x

Well done Christine. Sometimes it’s good to do things we don’t feel quite up to. Exercise is a key way forward for us survivors. I go to three classes for active seniors where strength and balance exercises are far more important than macho sweatiness.

One Year on tried floor Pilates , only one session was disaster but then signed up for Reformer Pilates for old guys. Was perfect for me,For most part laying on padded bench pushing and pulling springs with feet, can manage two one hour sessions each week but need a lie down after each session. Not cheap but necessary

Thanku loshy yes I am proud of myself :smiley:a friend reminded me how far I’d come the past year and she was right but I don’t think I realise as I try to take one day at a time . Best wishes to u

Thanku Sunny day yes fresh air and exercise does lift my mood . I’m in the middle of writing a novel which I started 2 years b4 my stroke but concentrating is an issue for me although I’m keen my brain not quite caught up . It prefers me to sleep I think :joy:
Hi Stuart Thanku for your encouragement :smiley:yes give it a go :muscle:the treadmill helps with gait apparently I was on the lowest speed ! But will increase next time :joy:keep going :muscle:u must miss ur football :pensive:I miss my gardening best wishes to u

Mrs 5k Thanku for your encouragement u keep going with your leg and I hope u can lift soon . My one year anniversary next Wednesday it’s just another day I know but I’ll be glad when it’over best wishes to u
Thanku John Jeff maynard for your encouragement ur right e exercise is our key although I was getting a bit bored with the sheets of e exercises my physio gave me so going to gym was a nice change . Sounds like ur keeping busy sitting all day doesn’t help I know best wishes
Thanku pds Pilates sounds good and hopefully helps good to get out and be with other people I think best wishes
Thanku Mahoney yes got to keep going :smiley:my bad / crying days seem to be getting less much to hubbys relief :smiley:best wishes to u