Feeling well

Hi just wanted to let you know there is life after a stroke. I had my stroke 11 months ago  it was a blood clot that was caused by atrial fibrillation age 57 and now back to work , I now work partime I was very lucky that my employer was able to find me a job in the same department,  This helped me so much as all my team know what has happened.  Sometimes I do forget things at work but they are all aware that this might happen. I still get weakness down my left side this tends to happen when I get tired or feel unwell. I do feel that I am very lucky with the outcome of my stroke but some days I feel very down and get frightened incase I have another  stroke.  People say you were lucky and I do know that as I know some people are left with real difficulties in walking,  talking ect, my balance was affected  and I walked with a stick for 6 months, the only problem I have balance wise is if I walk too fast  I get a mussy head.  I  hope this gives some of you out there some encoragement.  I dont go on here very often as I find it difficult to navigate round the site ( another thing the stroke has left me with some simple tasks I find difficult). Anyway  keep smiling and be happy x

Dear Jenny

Thats nice of you to share good news. Us SS need to be positive..

Those that tell you that your are lucky should be gently reminded that you didnt opt to have a stroke and hope they never find out what its like. And on that theme it wasnt your stroke, it was a stroke that got you. You doid not choose to have a stroke.

This site is a mess. A few years back the site was so much easier to navigate and its so important that the site panders to us when we are at a low and bad state. This site is too much like facebook. We need care and understanding and not the glib "one line" that facebook attracts. But I guess its better than nothing. Just.

You really have advanced quickly. Have you been at work for long ?

Best wishes


Hi Colin I have been back to work 3 months now, I love it, I found it strange being partime as I have always had a busy responsible role but I love not having the stress now, I just walk away from my desk with no worries.  I have always had a busy life but now the pace is a lot slower. My husband has been very supportive and is very pleased I have shown down. I dont worry about so much now I enjoy life to the full as having the stroke puts your life in to perspective. 


Hello jenny

Im 54 and had a clot in my brain stem stroke affecting my left side 12 week ago

So my mobility was not hsrmed too much, just the sensations and feelings. So i couldn't ditect hot from cold and wet and dry. A feeling of pins and needles all over my left side.

Unfortunately 2 weeks after the stroke i started having lots of pain in my shoulder and my left foot was experiencing freezing cold ice burning feeling, and pains excruciating pain in my thigh if i do too much. Its been diagnosed as CPSP central post stroke pain syndrom. Ive been given gabapentin but fear its messing with my cognitive behaviour, my brain feels slower x 

Thats very good Jenny. As a generalization I note that about 9 months is often the fastest sensible return to work. No two of us are the same. 

Slower pace and less stress is very helpful indeed.

I hope lots of SS read your case and get a lift from your success and think hard about the benefits of returning part time.

So much good news on the forum right now. I do like it.


Hi Colin I do hope I have given some people hope and confidence.

Hi Alison sorry to read about all the pain your getting. Every stroke leaves us all with so many different things. I hope you get your pain resolved as if having  the stroke was not enough. Take care keep up the fight you will get there. 

Dear Jenny

Yes your posting will help many SS and some of their carers. I never cease to be amazed at how many people have read these posts without joining in or "hearting".

You have a nice attitude.

Best wishes


And I have just been given my 100th star for replying !!

Good luck with being able to go back to work, that’s fantastic. I had my stroke 11mths ago age 71, mine was due to blood clot. I do realise how luckily I was butt have been left with fatigue tiredness and exhaustion, most days I’m too tired to do anything and have to keep laying down all day

Hi thank you for getting back to me. Yes the tiredness is a big thing I seem to be getting a bit better  with it. I hope this improves for you.

Well done.

Ah thank you Colin,  even if people just read  it and it gives them encouragement I am happy with that.


that is very encouraging news I was also 507 when I had the stroke. my return to work was not happy unfortunately,but at least I did it. I have chronic left sided weakness and no use of my left hand nevertheless I have managed to retrain myself to drive albeit with an adapted car. fatigue sometimes prevents me from taking it out, but I can live with that. I had processing problems during the first year and computer work was very challenging but it got easier and the cognitive impairments are negligible now, apart from fatigue. my main challenge and frustration is physical. in the end I lost my job but am reasonably secure financially so no great pressure there. I will be looking for something paid in the near future. I am very pleased for you that you have an understanding employer, it will make all the difference. sorry if my story ended on a bit of a downer. I remain positive and really can only do so with the encouragement of others including people like yourself on this forum.

I hope you go from strength to strength. thanks again for your encouraging post. 


Hi Alison. I was also put on gabapentin for numbness of my lower leg and foot and found it helped with the numbness a little bit but more than anything I was very sleepy all the time.  I came off it after a month as it was suggested by my GP to try for the numbness but it didn't do enough for me to be on it full time.  Just out of interest, was it your GP who diagnosed the CPSP or the neurologist? 

Ah Tony I hope it does give people encouragement  I came out of this very well, You seem to be  doing well, every day is an improvement it does not matter how big it little, you will get there. I do get some days when  I get very down but being back to work has helped as I font have much time to think about it. Well done for getting back into driving that is a BIG achievement.  You take  care  have a good weekend. Let's hope the sunshines?

Hi Jenny

I too have central post-stroke pain syndrome since my subarachnoid haemorrhage (stroke) in 1990 and i have tried all the medications  all the way up to morphine and nothing worked just got a lot of side affects i've had deep brain stimulation 3 times and of course it did'nt work but now i've got spinal cord stimulation HF10 which did work like a dream i was tottaly pain free for the first time in 29 years for 48hrs until it malfunctioned and it hasn't worked since but i know it did work so the keep trying differant programs to see if they can find a program that works for me so my addvice is to ask your GP to get you on the spinal cord stimulation HF10 it sounds scarry but not and i'd have it again instead of all the drugs that just mess up your mind, i know i've been down that road! but all the best to you and good luck!! Andy

Why did it malfunction, did they explain this to you? Curious as this is something I am considering for my chronic neuropathic pain.