Feeling forgotten

I’m so frustrated and totally peed off with my doctors surgery :pensive: I feel completely let down by them.
I asked for help with physio/rehab as my mobility and balance is shocking. I got told I didn’t qualify for neuro physio after having an Intracerabel heameraghe because I asked to late for help, how was I supposed to know this was available at the time nobody told me and I have struggled to get where I am now completely on my own. But I’m still struggling, I looked into joining a gym and asked for advice and was told that I could go through my gp for a referral for exercise. I booked a telephone appt for today and basically felt like I was asking for a new heart or lung :rage: why is it so difficult for them to understand that I want to try and do everything I can I just want to cry and give up :cry::cry: so now I have to wait for him to speak to one of the practice nurses who from the sounds of it is just going to give me an exercise program.
How do people get help? Sorry for long whining post :pensive:


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