Feel the fear and do it anyway

My partner wanted to go to Bristol to see an art exhibition and found out that a local coach company was going to Bristol today. So we booked coach and exhibition. After that, anxiety kicked in, because of my partial disability. Walking any distance is difficult , so I e mailed the art gallery for the numbers of local taxi companies. Then more irrational fears niggled…would I die on the journey or fall ill? What about my mid day nap? Did I really want to go?

Of course I went. Giving in to fear solves nothing and my partner has enough to cope with. To cut a long story short, it was fine. I even managed stairs to the third floor because the lift was out of order. So another challenge met, but it was a stimulating day, although very tiring.


Hi there,
Good for you. I bet you felt really proud of yourself after your day out! The anticipation is always worse than the reality.
When my husband died 4 years ago I was in a situation where we had a cruise booked and which was due to depart within a few weeks. I was going to cancel it, but friends persuaded me to go. My mobility wasn’t great, but I went anyway. I found out that I could do far more than I thought. OK, I couldn’t go on the excursions (too much walking with too many time constraints) but I was so pleased with myself and people were so helpful.
I now challenge myself all the time. I’m so proud last week I went to London via public transport and met up with friends. According to my Fitbit I walked 10,000 steps and completed 25 floors! A personal best!
Keep going. You can do more than you think (and I hope you enjoyed the exhibition)

Yes, the exhibition was very moving. Thanks for your response and good on you!

Well done John. You were very brave. I am trying hard to walk again and have the support of the physio
Each day is a challenge but we must not give in. Best wishes Lilian

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Good to hear
I’m finding walking very daunting these days and have to resort to wheelchair much more often than before. I don’t mind and don’t see it as retrograde because it enables me to do things like that was long as I have a companion to push me. That’s a hurdle sometimes. Planning first holiday forv6 years in the summer, with a great company I discovered called by ways. Going to try and get either a powered chair or power assist attachment to help my pusher.
What was the exhibition? My daughter took me to the Hokusai at the British museum before it closed. Tiring but very stimulating glad I did it.
Best wishes

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Shwmae @John_Jeff_Maynard, what a great story, and well done for braving the odds. It’s so relatable, and you’ve described it very well. It’s a bit like testing the waters each time before facing the elements, and the elements for a stroke survivor is more than just physical, it’s also those niggles. I often think about where could I rest or take time out comfortably if I had to. My safe space is such a Linus’ security blanket, and it is easier to default to being in it than taking to task the unknown. For me, this is when I conjure up my inner-viking, sling my shield and sheathe my word, and prepare the longboat for the rough seas ahead. I hope you now have a bit of time to rest and reward yourself.

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Grayson Perry’s second Art Club

I have Rups. Very tiring but glad I did it.

That’s great news John, l know I tend to overthink everything and going away has become such a big deal for me, I seem to always see the negatives instead of the positives which is all part and parcel of stroke. I wouldn’t have hesitated a few years ago. You’ve given me some hope that I’ll be able to talk myself into going away and not worrying about the ‘what ifs’

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Well done good for you with kind regards des

Well done,face your fears and win,keep going x