Fed up

Am feeling totally fed up this week and it's only Monday! DVLA are still playing silly beggers, the latest being they haven't received my opthalmologists report and a questionnaire I had to fill out they're sending back as I didn't answer 2 questions- the questions were has an optician told you that you have any of the following conditions-no, which eye does the condition affect- as I haven't been told I have any of the conditions on the form I left it blank,spoke to my opthalmologists PA last week, he received the questionnaire last Monday, filled it out and sent it back on the Monday, DVLA person advised last Thursday that all information had been received including the report? So am wondering why the person I spoke to today is saying that the opthalmologists report is still outstanding? This is driving me nuts as it's gone on for months with no end in sight so feeling really down and I'm really upset by this because up until now I had been ok. Rant over x

Hi Katy, I just thought I'd say hi, I am new to my stroke guide! Anyway very frustrating about the DVLA, I don't think I will ever be able to drive again at this rate! Nice to meet a fellow survivor love Siobhan x

Rant away, KatyB,

On a positive note, you've had a better response from your Opthalmologist than I had from any of mine.

I can wholly empathise about your DVLA experience, it is a rubbish process and, for me, within two years  of my stroke, I had lost my licence, sold my main car and my business (and then marriage) folded. If you lose your licence and then later reapply, they are just as awkward.

After another seven years, I've coped without driving, got back working, did not become homeless and still get out and about. Life goes on and living without the burden and cost of cars has been a positive.

Keep calm and carry on,




Hi Siobhan, how are you getting on? I read your blog the other day, it's really good,what an interesting life you've had. I hope your recovery is going well, today is a year since my aneurysm which is a strange feeling, it's been a quick year and I am feeling more like myself love Katy x

I agree with all the advice above, Katy, and am soo glad that you are feeling better.  Just remember, these are tough times for everybody too right now!  You are NOT alone babe!  Love Carole x laugh Just smile!!

I'm new to all this as only had a stroke 2 weeks ago so haven't even thought about driving yet. Hope you get sorted

Hope your recovery is going well. DVLA are sending me for another opthalmologist eye test but that will not be within the next 12 weeks due to coronavirus so will just have to wait unfortunately. Katy