Finally back to work but oh my the fatigue. Some days my legs feel like they have lead weights in them, and its hard to carry on with the day. Simple things set me back. There are days i just want to sleep and not get out of bed. My social life is non existence and im in bed by 8. Does it get better?


Hi @Farmlady23 i can’t answer that. I’m hoping to be back at work on the 28th but will check with Dr if I need phased return, restricted duties etc. I’m amazed how tired I have been

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Hi @Farmlady23

We can’t say because different folks react differently and are more or less successful in developing coping strategies, and have more or less flexible work environments

We can say that in the main fatigue is less with time :slight_smile:

There’s an Instagram account (@SurvivingStroke) I’ve been following for years. A young lady who’se battled fantastically and described the challenges and some good strategies but you’ll need to read a lot - she’s battled and still has a struggle.

There are plenty of people who have managed to return & have felt it’s got easier (not easy?) Taking Wednesday as a rest day seems to be a common tactic

Good luck :slight_smile: & let us know how you get on


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I had heavy legs and extreme tiredness after my stroke 3yrs ago. Some 6-8mths after I had a routine blood test which found I was low in folic acid. Doctor automatically prescribed 2wks of folic acid and said to continue with a daily dose of the over the counter strength after I’d finished.
That seemed to stop the heavy legs and no longer extremely tired. Fatigue is another kettle of fish but for me only stress related so not very often.

It’s worth trying it for a weekly of weeks as B vits and folic are also vital brain nutrients.


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@Farmlady23 well done on getting back to work. Not sure if you did a phased return or not but building back up gradually is better i feel. How long have you been back?

I returned to work 9 months ago & I still get fatigue but it has improved since I first went back. I am still not back full time & am unlikely to do so. I take every Wednesday off which gives me a rest day which I couldn’t manage without. I am also strict about taking breaks during the working day.

My social life is pretty non existent too. I’m exhausted after a day at work.

See if your employer can put any adjustments in place to make it a bit easier for you. E.g. can you work from home, reduced hours for a while, flexible hours, kit & equipment that might help, reduced workload?

Hang in there it should get better but watch your health too. You don’t want to push too far xx



Sounds familiar to my journey so far

Yes & no is my experience.

Over time mine has definitely improved with plateaus reached, but it hasn’t gone away altogether resulting in some days being much better than others.

Mine seems to be triggered by stress and probably down to getting older.

I’ve also found myself going to bed earlier, unfortunately I haven’t been able to sleep the fatigue off. I don’t think you can. We are all different.

Always good to talk though - definitely

Sorry, that’s the best I can contribute this evening



Make sure you get the right amou t of phased return. I had twelve weeks


The Vits are a good idea. I went back on mine. Fatigue is about the right pace, priorities and planning. Thanks for the info on phased return.


I would add that you don’t need to put pressure on yourself. It will take time. If you are on a phased return it’s not about returning to ‘normal’ but being comfortable as the new you and working out what is achievable each day, adjusting as you go. I’m sure that’s obvious but I had to be kind to myself every day. Also my company were not very helpful or supportive. I had to figure it out on my own which is the sad part.

The fatigue did ease up but it hasn’t left me. I feel it every day especially when I do complex tasks, not because they are hard but they require multiple cognitive decisions and actions simultaneously. This is one year on. For others they need an afternoon nap, or they can do some work in the morning, some in the evening. Do what works best for you for now. You may or may not improve but there’s hope and no time limit. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your reply. Its hard and extra hard accepting the new you, and reminding myself of what ive been through. I had a good return to work phase and theyve been brilliant.
Hope your ok x