Fancy a Chinese.....and a yoghurt?

I do wish we had a heading for Disasters. As you all know, I pride myself that cooking has aided my recovery. Well, tonight I prepared the ingredients for a Chinese meal and put each item into an individual container. Care and attention was paid to health and safety and the meal cooked to perfection. I put the meal into two bowls, put these on trays on a trolley and wheeled the two meals in triumph into the lounge. My partner took his and I managed to get my tray onto my sofa. I wheeled the trolley outside, came back in and sat to eat my meal. Unfortunately, I sat on half the tray and half the meal flew onto the sofa!

Swear? You bet your life I did! Then I rescued what I could, put the seat cushion to one side,calmed down and ate my meal. I then opened my yoghurt only for my weak hand to knock the open yoghurt pot against the sofa’s arm cover! Several more expletives. Calmed down again, ate what was left of the yoghurt, then stripped the seat cover off and put it in the wash.

Moral of this story......Pride comes before a fall!

Oh John, Thank you for yet another hilarious anecdote - well, clearly not from your point of view ??, but I'm sure everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did ?.  Did your partner dare laugh, or eat his dinner as quickly as possible!!  

Thank you for sharing - hope the rest of your evening improves xx

I know how you feel.  I too have a rogue hand that seems to enjoy sabotaging my best efforts.  Peas spooned on to work surface and or floor in the kitchen is a particular favourite.  Closely followed by knocking my phone charger on the floor.

But as you wrote you were able to deal with the situation.  So not what you planned but another tick in the I can do box. Well done hope the rest of your weekend is less troublesome. 

No, he didn’t dare laugh, but looked sympathetic as I spooned up stir fry from the sofa seat, then asked if I’d calmed down. I had, but only to fling cherry yoghurt at the arm cover. I forget that I need to sit more carefully than I do. I have washed the covers and am calm.