Falling down!

I had my first fall  post my stroke this afternoon.  Trying to be too clever.  I was taking some rubbish from the kitchen out to the wheelie bin got my weaker foot caught in the side of the ramp and fell.  I wasn't able to get myself back up so my husband  had to call an ambulance. An hour later they've helped me back to my feet and I can walk into the house. I was jolly cold lying on the patio. Nothing broken but a few bruises and dreadful muscle spasms.  Waiting to hear from an out of hours doctor about some painkillers.  I knew house work was bad for you ???? 

Oh no that's horrible, and very frightening -  just how quickly things can go belly-up.  On such a cold day, I hope you won't have too many issues, but you will feel really bruised over the next few days.  Thank goodness your husband was able to call for help.   You need to award yourself lots of rest to get over this experience - lots of TLC.  Those angels have got their work cut out.  Let us know how you get on please.  Sending you the best wishes ever xx

Oh no Kay, hope you’re alright. That must have been a terrible experience for you and your husband. Just when things seemed to be going so well for you with your driving and becoming more independent  the dam stroke comes in and knocks you back. Hope you’re not too sore. I really feel for you.


Too kind. Many thanks for the borrowing of your angel for a few minutes as well as having my own xx

Thank you! My stroke leg feels like it's gone 2 rounds with Mike  Tyson. 

But I also learnt the next thing I have to master   " getting up off the floor " 


Pleased nothing broken. We do seem so prone to a fall.

For two years and more I went everywhere assuming I would fall. When weeding etc I would put a large fork firmly in the ground so that if I stumbled I could get up again. Amusingly, one time I did stumble but I was then up against the gooseberry bush so I couldnt turn to get up. No one would know I was stuck. So I eventually worked out that I could crawl backwards, away from the goosgog bush and could then heave myself up.

It seems to me that our natural defence mechanisms no longer work, so we are unlikely to correct an imbalance. As I often sya, first time around it took us 25 years to learn how our bodies worked sowearent hoing to learn second time around  in lss than a few years.


So glad I didn't fall into the goosgogs they have long sharp thorns.  

    When I was in hospital I was let out at weekends to my mother's house. Thr first weekend I waited til mum went out then decided to go into the garden. I fell getting up the step back into the house. My mum couldn't get me up so called a neighbour. I've never been so embarrassed.

I've broken my paralysed left arm 3 times and cracked my head twice. The nightmare is that I fall and break my working arm.

You need to wrap yourself in bubblewrap!  Take care, but keep up your efforts!! 

My husband once fell into a very large plant container in the garden, so was briefly re-named as the third flowerpot man - keeping Bill + Ben company.  

Yes ... of course I helped him out, once I'd stopped giggling!!

Oh bless you! I guess I got off lightly. 

That's made me smile thank you!

Just picked my iPad up again and seem to have missed loads! Kay, what a horrible thing to happen. We hope you recover quickly. John fell out of bed twice post Stroke and twice gave himself a huge black eye turning into the bedside table. We resolved it by pushing the day pillow between the bed and the table. Initially we put extra pillows on the floor as he’d badly bruised his leg. We haven’t had any issues like that for a while. He told the GP I’d punched him!  I didn’t think it was funny! Fortunately, she didn’t believe him (I hope) ?

You're most welcome!


I have had several, all my own silly fault. The last was on the patio in September. Fortunately, I have been taught how to get up from a fall. Bruised my bum though. It is always a shock when it happens, so I hope you are okay now.

The fall before that was in the bedroom. Chris, my partner, heard the noise and shouted up the stairs, ‘Are you all right!’ I shouted back, ‘No, I’ve fallen off the bed!’ Now Chris is going a bit deaf, but will not admit it. ‘Okay!’ He shouted back and went back to what he was doing leaving me to get up by myself!

Thank you for sharing your idea. But I was walking to the wheelie bin.  I need to do what my mother was always telling me look where I'm going and pick my feet up.  Ha! Ha!

Hmm? Pick your feet ? ? up? So how are you going to get around? Will you put them in your pocket? Ha ha! The mind boggles. Take care and rest (if you can) ???

Poor you! As Mike can't walk at the moment he couldn't help me.  I wasn't able to get myself up so I had to wait.

I emailed the physio at gym I go to asking if I could focus on some excercises that would help regain some strength to help me get up from the floor. 

Just waiting for the out of hours doctor to prescribe some stronger painkillers.  Only been waiting 7 hours.  2 paracetamol not touching the pain. Tomorrow's another day!!

Night! Night! ??

Oh Kay. What a day and night! Hope tomorrow is better. Xx