Exercise is great to stay healthy and reduce your risk of stroke, even just a short walk once a day or swimming. What do you do to stay fit? 

Hi Enquiry Line, I've recently joined a canoe kayak group at my local pool! It's a lot of fun and good exercise...if you don't mind getting soaked.  

I agree exercise is so important, but for me it is to support my mental as well as physical health. I walk every day and do some yoga to keep supple. 

Hi Laura

I agree, yoga is great to keep you supple but also to ease yourself back into gentle exercise, although I realise not all yoga is gentle, but it is important to just do what you can!

Have you ever tried hot yoga?

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I go square dancing. I returned to my club as soon as I could after my stroke. I am now being treated for cancer but still try to go whenever I can. If you're interested in joining a club, or getting one set up for patients, visit www.uksquaredancing.com. All clubs teach the Callerlab syllabus. Most beginners' courses start in September.

Hi Zoe.

I am sorry to hear you are now being treated for cancer, but it is great to see you're still attending the dancing whenever you can. Hopefully this link will be of value to other members on this site - thank you for sharing.

Take care and wishing you lots of luck in your treatment.


I go to one strength and balance class at the Life After Stroke Centre, Bromsgrove and two Active Seniors exercise classes held local. The local classes encourage you to do what you can and consist of senior aerobics and simple circuit training. Have rebuilt all my weak muscles and have stabilised my weak arm and hand more. All classes end with Seated Tai Chi, which is of great benefit for arm and hand control.

Hi John,

I am based at the Life After Stroke Centre, and walk past these classes sometimes - they look great fun, you all seem to really enjoy yourselves, as well as obviously get benefit from them as well! I may even come and join in on a class soon! smiley

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