exercises for arm/hand

Does anyone having any tips/exercise that helps with the hand? I’m getting some movement but my hand still prefers to curl shut. I’m doing arm stretches and can now move the arm nearly fully up and when lying down fully over my head. I still struggle with reach.i can do it when my good hand helps. Any thoughts or ideas?

Thank you

Hi Sharry, 

The first excercise I did for my hand was to to touch each finger to my thumb.  In the beginning I had to use my good hand to move my fingers.  Then I was asked to open and close my hand.  Making a fist then open my hand. About 10 repetitions three times a day. If you look on YouTube there's videos made by physios that are also helpful.  Good luck!   Kay


Thank you, will give it a go x

Hi Sharry. I had a lot of physio on my hand. The one where you touch each finger with your thumb is good. If you have a  small box eg food container, you can put clothes pegs inside then take each one out and attach it to the side of the box using the fingers of your weak hand. Utilise the weak hand whenever you can by using it when you wash your face or holding things in it even is just for a short time. Arm movements in Tai Chi are a great help too.Open and close it into a fist if you can. The temptation is not to use it and to compensate with your good hand. Try to resist this. I also find folding towels helpful.