Exercise after Arterial Dissection

Hi all, I suffered a stroke 6 weeks ago due to Arterial Dissection in my neck vein. I am 40 and was fairly active, working out twice a week prior to the stroke. When I was discharged from hospital the consultant recommended only gentle exercise such as 30mins walking. I have since made a great recovery physically and really want to get back to my exercise workouts of yoga and aerobics, but I am scared of what I should do as my neck may not be fully healed. Has anyone else suffered a stroke from arterial dissection? Have you returned to normal or strenuous exercise?
I wanted to ask the consultant, but I still haven't been given an appointment for my 4-6week follow up appointment and having difficulty getting hold of them. I contacted my gp, but he was very vague and suggested I just contact the consultant with all my queries. 

Hi Susie

Sorry to hear of your stroke but great to hear your recovery is going good.

I was 65 when I had my stroke but not in the neck vein - mine was a blood clot on the brain.  I also worked out at the gym 3 times a week at the time and did Clubbercise aerobics weekly. You will notice as you hear more of other people's strokes that most of us led fit and healthy lives previously.  It is annoying because we have done everything we are told by keeping fit and healthy to avoid strokes etc yet we still had one!  But as my stroke consultant said, it is because you are fit and healthy that you survived and therefore your recovery will be much quicker. 

Like you, I was anxious to get back to the gym but he told me no gym for 3 months. After this, I should be OK but to build up gradually rather than hit the gym full on straightaway.  Walking and yoga are great ways of building up your stamina and flexibility before you take the step of going back to the gym.  I am 4 yrs post stroke and had a further mini stroke last Oct. Although I am back at the gym and have been for a couple of years bar lockdown, I can lift weights no problem but I do still struggle with the cardio routine so I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with the Clubbercise class anymore!  I love rowing but my feet still get tied up in knots on the cross trainer and I hate the bikes!  I'm not a fan of treadmills as I prefer to walk outside in fresh air than at the gym.

I guess the best thing is to keep plodding on trying to get hold of the stoke team before you take the plunge to strenuous working out and if they give you the all clear it's very much a case of slowly, slowly, catchy monkey till you get back in the swing of things.  Take care and good luck with the follow up appointment.

Morning, sorry to hear about your stroke. Im

41 amd have had two now the last one 8 weeks ago the same as yours. They are different as I was told I wasn’t lucky to be alive. Iv been told  y my physio amd doctor not to resume activities suck as golf and gym as of the neck. I’m having to have another scan to check improvements before any fuether exercise  can be done. Maybe worth just holding out on docs just in case. Hope this helps Lee

Ps sorry for the spelling one of my side affects at the moment 

Hi susie   im carl 56 i had my 1st of 2 strokes in july this year and mine was a vad same as yours i used the gym 5 days a week mainly weight training , and im almost convinced it was that that caused the tear in my neck artery , im completely paranoid about excercise at the minute for fear of making it worse goin for my ct scan on 22 october , how are you now with your tear ,?  Did it cause a clot ?

HI Susie, i had similar just this week - arterial dissection in the neck. I asked the consultant about Pilates, as I’ve been doing classes weekly for years, but he said absolutely not for 3 months -I’ve to have another scan at that point, so I guess it depends on how well its healed then? He said anything that involves stretching/extension of the neck is out til the tear heals, as it can cause a fresh tear and another stroke.
Oddly i might be able to go back to swimming/ horse riding before pilates, and I’d assume yoga would be the same? Lots of gentle walking for me too for the next while!
good luck with your recovery