Has anyone else had an endarterectomy after experiencing a TIA?  Have you any tips on overcoming the exhaustion, inertia, permanent headache, high blood pressure and nausea?  Will I ever feel 'well' again?  I want to scream at the next person who comments on my nasty scar but how well I look.  I don't feel it.  My brain feels sore but seems to be unimpaired, thank goodness. I was lucky to get the operation in these covid times, but being operated on whilst awake is an horrific experience.  

I am having a self pity party today. Anyone is welcome to join me. I have just returned from my daily totter around the block.  My hips are aching, my head is aching and I am struggling to do Christmas.  My scar is sore.  To add to my woes I have a rash on my chest ( caused by new washing powder or new pills, I cannot be bothered to find out) My nails need attention- I can no longer use scissors to cut them , my fingers are too weak and my nails just get longer and stronger, unlike the rest of me which remains weaker.  I would like to write off 2020 and wake up to 2021 without any aches or pains or health threats.  I am trying to be positive and recognise that there are many worse off than me but I just need to wallow for today.  I will be a better survivor tomorrow, promise.

I'm sure you won't be alone at the party, but you might not want us to bring baggage!!  

Haven't got my magic wand polished for action, otherwise I would give it a good swish in your direction ?‍♀️ these grumpy days seem to go on for ever ?  Not sure of your area, but it's absolutely gorgeous here today (North Norfolk) and watching the wildlife, clouds and sunshine has definitely lifted my mood.  So maybe it's a worth treating yourself to a period of just gazing out of the window, you never know what the distraction might bring!  You have a lot on your plate, and the current climate is just pants really ?.  However, as you (and Scarlett O'Hara) say, tomorrow will be another day ...  Thank you for sharing and off-loading, you're never alone on this site ? xx 

Dear Pipgran, we all have low days when we feel depressed. My walking varies from day to day. Some days it's a totter, but other days I get into a decent gait and it's okay. As for nails, weirdly I can cut my right hand nails using my weak hand and sharp nail scissors. I have to be very careful of injuries though.

Toe nails, however, are a different matter. I go the NHS podiatrist for free but they haven't cut nails since February. My partner has someone come in every six weeks and last week I splashed out and had her cut mine. It was bliss.

So, enjoy the self pity day, but don't dwell there. Tomorrow is another day.As for Christmas, my family gifts were bought online and delivered. My last online shop comes tomorrow. I am ready.

Good afternoon, John has given you a good reply, and I just wondered whether nail clippers would be any easier to use?  You can get an 'angled' type which might help?  However, a pedicure by a podiatrist, or at any beauty salon is just a lovely thing!!  ?? (two left feet??!!)

I have booked a pedicure and manicure for Monday next, for the same price a chiropodist charges just to cut my toenails. Thankyou for your suggestions.  Last time I attempted to cut my toenails I had to apply five plasters - I have a benign tremor which causes me to jerk at the wrong moment, not good when you are on blood thinners plus aspirin.  I now have to make a major decision about what colour polish to have, such is life!

Well done Pipgran. It will give you a real boost.

Thank you John for your supportive response.  I have had a lovely wallow today rather spoiled by  a neighbour calling in with Christmas card and present, how dare they mar my pity party!  I am feeling lighter and brighter, tomorrow I shall go into the garden and cut holly and ivy as my granddaughters are coming to help us decorate for Christmas.  I notice the green spikes of bulbs are breaking through the earth.  I have a clematis outside my window whose greenish buds are about to burst into bloom,  I think it is called Jingle bells.  There is hope of beautiful spring.


I live in Cornwall, the sun was out today too,  I have a trellis covered in ivy, honeysuckle clematis tangutica and Jingle Bells (about to burst into flower) outside my window set back enough to enable daylight - my answer to net curtains or blinds, my husband and I hate nets and blinds, I find them claustrophobic. I have a small window clear of greenery on the trellis  to enable the dog  Pip to see passers by.  When my granddaughters were young they decided to distinguish grandparents by their dogs' names, hence Pipgran.  They are now at uni but still use the same names.  I have never been to Norfolk, I understand you have endless skies and wonderful vistas.  It is nice to moan to people on this site who understand just what an upheaval of body and brain we are going through. It is a comfort.  Thank you.


Hi Pipgran - I think you have to choose a bright, glittery polish, no brainer!!!  ?

Enjoy!  Hope today is a better day ??

We are having a covid Christmas just husband and I and Pip with a quick visit from my daughter and family for coffee and prezzies in the morning and a FaceTime fest with son in  NZ. Not sure if glitz is 77 year old me. Below is the Pip part of Pipgran with her toys.


Pipgran you are the same age as me. Give me a bit of glitz any time. My partner and I will be hunkered down on Christmas Day, but having Boxing Day lunch at a posh local hotel. Enjoy your family visit and your FaceTime experience.

Glitz it will be.  I will go with the majority vote.  Eating out for me is fraught with hazards as I try to combat my tremors.  I have to ask for spoon if food cannot be secured on a fork.  I wear a multi coloured scarf to act as a bib.  Sauces and gravy tend to drip down as I shake.knapkins tend to fall off into any liquid in front of me, this was before I had my TIA, I have only eaten out once in 2020 since we got back from NZ in January.  Mainly because we have shielded since first lockdown.    My husband has taken over the cooking since he retired, I gather rare roast beef and bread and butter pudding will be our Xmas menu tailored to suit our uncertain digestive systems.  Enjoy your more sophisticated Xmas feast.  Today has been a better day, the headache has receded a little, as has the nausea. Onwards and upwards, we 77 year olds must not be defeated. 

Quite right.

and turkey is over rated, long live the beef eaters.

us youngsters will follow your lead.

best wishes colin aged 73

Hi Toy Boy

in my humble opinion Turkey should not be rated at all, never liked it.  Since TIA has slightly affected my mouth muscles I Think it should be banned.  It is extremely difficult to chew and swallow.   I have just come in from cutting ivy, camellia and holly and eldest granddaughter Lexi is decking my pictures with it, Christmas has arrived.  A daffodil in a pot my daughter gave me has opened its first gloriously golden bloom, a herald of spring!

I'm thrilled you've opted for glitz - hope it will cheer you up ? 

It's such a shame that eating out has become so difficult for you.  Trying to navigate menus with suitable dishes must be a chore ?.  It all makes the world a smaller place when we are so restricted.  However, your C'mas meal sounds delicious!!  We've used a Tom Kerridge recipe several times now, and although it's a bit repetitive, we really love it - it's a bit of a faff, but we both like cooking, and we LOVE eating so it's worth the effort!!  

I hope every day you will make a little more progress, every little helps and lifts the mood.  Take care xx


Nicabella 21 Thankyou so much for your support.  I am feeling a lot happier today.  My house is decked with holly and ivy. Thanks to my granddaughter.  My husband is present wrapping.  We are drifting towards Xmas in a more orderly way.  I managed my walk with Pip this morning despite the Cornish mizzle.just about to join husband and dog for an afternoon nap by the blazing woodburner, before the afternoon Cuppa and mini mince pie. All the Xmas films on the tv are soporific, just can't keep my eyes open. 

With apologies for this doggerel.

'Another Week'

Another week and I’ve Survived.

Another week and I am alive.

I’ve taken the pills, the thinners, the statins,

I’ve swallowed them all, plus the aspirins

I’ve fought the fatigue, the headaches

And nausea .

The anxiety continues, as does the dysphoria 

I’ve taken exercise in the smallest of doses,

This will increase as I overcome neuroses.

The fear of another stroke that hovers above,

 that lurks as I write, as I pick up my life,

There is no vaccine for that,

Just the pills and the potions,

That rot the digestion, not to mention emotions.

I have raged, I have cried, 

I have suffered but Ive tried

To put things together, to recover my hand.

I’ve messaged with others whose stroke outcomes

Were worse

Which makes me ashamed of my self, as I curse

I need to be grateful to family and friends

Who have helped through the nightmare

That never ends

another week and I’ve survived

Another week and I am alive.


I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that we all have a happy, healthy New Year.



For some reason the word 'pills' did not paste on lines 3 and 13 of my doggerel, technology strikes again!

Good morning Pipgran

several fellow stroke survivors have, over the years, told that, out the blue, they started writing poetry whereas before stroke they did not.

i await in vain for my new found ability !

a disproportionate number of SS are musicians.

plenty are accountants, me included, and plenty are teachers.

i can not do any accountancy post stroke so in place of that i make tea and coffee for a couple of groups and wait on tables. At least i did up to the great plague. Over the years my brain has slowly kicked in to gear. Memory less so.

thank you for your poem.

this site is censored. If you want to say that Aunt Mary has passed away you cant use the D word.

best wishes