Eligibility for winter vaccines

Hi there,

I’ve recently joined this community. I’m a 41 year old female, and in September 2021 had a non-aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage. I was extremely lucky to make an almost complete recovery.

I have a question regarding winter influenza vaccination eligibility. I live in Scotland and don’t appear to have been placed into the category of being eligible for any winter vaccinations by my GP. Is that who decides whether a person should be eligible?

Having read up about it, it appears to me that anyone who has had a stroke is entitled to an NHS funded flu vaccine. Does anyone know for definite if this is indeed the case?

I feel a bit of a fraud as I have recovered from my haemorrhage and am back to all my usual activities and life. But I’m keen to get vaccinated if I can.

Any help on this gratefully received. Thank you!

@elmlou welcome to the forum. Sorry you had a stroke but pleased to hear you’ve made a good recovery.

Not sure if system in Scotland is different to England but I would assume its the GP who decides on eligibility. You could try speaking to a pharmacist too. If you are eligible they should be able to provide it for you free of charge.

My understanding is that anyone considered vulnerable should be offered.

Best wishes.


Hi Ann. Many thanks for your reply and kind words. Much appreciated.

Hi @elmlou - I can confirm that in England people are eligible for a flu vaccine if they’ve had a stroke (I had my stroke at 60 and became eligible even though flu vaccines at that time were only for people over 65). I would assume it’s the same in Scotland, but as @Mrs5K says, best to check with your GP.

Best wishes

Hi @JSCAPM that’s brilliant, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to respond.