Dvla new rules for driving with visual field loss to be introduced for 2024?

hi all , does anybody out there know of or heard about new rules coming into place in 2024 by the dvla for people with types of visual field loss my husband has right side homonymous hemianopsia following a stroke in september this year and is desperate to get back to driving ’ we would appreciate any info



There’s a certain amount of fear-mongering going on by newspapers. The DVLA are going to change the rules. They had a list of conditions that was so encompassing that it had to be changed to allow the majority of the population of the country to continue to hold a licence!

the newspapers reported the most sensational element

I suggest you look at the Specsavers website who are the DVLA partner for eyesight tests .


It covers acuity and visual field. It also has a lot of sections like " what if I am nervous and it affects the test"

The DVLA website also highlights that any accident caused where a reportable condition exists that was not reported results in a £1,000 fine (for not reporting it) & prosecution (for the accident caused) - it will also invalidate any insurance!

The DVLAs own page on the eyesight is at Driving eyesight rules - GOV.UK and there are leaflets like INF188 but they don’t say anything more than Specsavers

Reportable eye conditions are at Eye conditions and driving: If you have a car or motorcycle licence - GOV.UK

Which include the v1 form link to report the condition


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I had an eye examination in August following my stroke in June. The optometrist told me before the visual field test that if there is a problem THEY must inform the DVLA by law. After the examination I was given the result both verbally and in writing, which in my case was good, but if you fail the visual field section it will be reported.

Yes that’s my understanding too @Strings

Maybe what you’re relating with your

Is that they have an statutory obligation…
And My point is that so do you independently

That is if you don’t have an eye test you still have a statutory obligation although obviously they couldn’t inform because they haven’t any knowledge :slight_smile:

Glad you’re a test worked out for the positive


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I think it would help if the DVLA made it mandatory to pass an eye examination following any stroke or tia. At the moment it’s ok to drive again after one month if physically unaffected but you are also self-certifying that your vision is not affected.