Duvet time, mistletoe and wine!

Well, as Christmas is fast approaching, I have rooted around under the bed for my Christmas duvet. When I came out of hospital I bought a new bed with an easy lift function where duvet covers and sheets etc., are stored underneath. As my fellow survivors know, there is no such thing as easy lift, but I manage. One day, I may well fall under the easy lift section and the top will descend and I will remain there till Spring.

It took a bit longer to do today, as the duvet cover had buttons and my wonky hand finds buttoning things difficult, but not impossible. Lots of patience, no swearing and the job got done.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas with your loved ones!

Love it! Is it Australian? ?????

A cheap sales bargain from Morrison’s two years ago....£6

Very Christmassy! ????

What a bargain!  I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an Aussie photo - gremlins again.  That is a model example of a well-made bed, you're an expert.  John, why am I not surprised that you would own a Christmas duvet!!  Love it.

Merry doo-dahs x

Is the photo upside down or do you sleep that way at Christmas? ??

must be the southern hemisphere, wink

I think JJM is secretly Batman, he definitely sleeps upside down, he's probably eating my upside down cake ? xx