At long last I've been given a date for a video call with the assessment centre 17th December then 4 weeks later I should be in Edinburgh for the driving assessment. I had a driving lesson yesterday,first time driving since April 2019 and it was great ?, driving instructor very happy with my driving and can't see any reason why I wouldn't get my licence back. Roll on January,2021 has to be better than 2020 surely?

That will be a fabulous start to 2021 for you, you can be sure everyone will have their fingers firmly crossed for you!!  ??

Fantastic start to the New Year for you!  Fingers crossed with your assessment and yup, roll on 2021. 2020 has to go down as one of the most miserable years I've had.

Had the video call. I really wish the assessment centre had spoken to either my GP or neurologist as when I told my mum the questions I was asked she couldn't believe it, she said that the questions are like the ones my aunt was asked to check for dementia! I received a sealed envelope that I wasn't to open until on the call which I did. Q1. A to 1,B to 2 finish the sequence C,D,E. Q2. Draw a clock face with the hands showing 10 past 11. Q3. 3 animals on the sheet name them - hippo,rhino & camel. Unfortunately now that the whole of Scotland has been put in tier 4 I don't think I will get my driving assessment done by the 16th Jan so will require the DVLA to extend my licence, cannot wait for the end of all this. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and all the very best for the New Year!

Hope that things have progressed for you?

I've had my non -road assessment  and am waiting for Covid restrictions  to lift to get a date for an on road assessment. It was Feb 2020 when I last drove.

I've had the video call assessment but waiting for the assessment centre to reopen ,think it's the end of April. I have had a driving lesson which went really well as it's nearly 2 years since I last drove. Good luck with your assessment

Thank you :)

Glad the lesson went well for you!

When I was In hospital about 3 weeks ago a OP have me a testlike that I passed it. It just show them that you thinking has not been effected by the stroke hope all goes well