Driving my car!

Today I received the letter from the DVLA saying that from the information they received about me from my GP,  me etc.  It has been decided that I can continue to drive my car.  Such a good feeling for  few minutes.  But I've got a rotten cold so not feeling like rushing out to my car ??.

I looked at the letter a second time it's taken over 6 weeks to get here and loads of information has been sent to them . Just to get a computer generated piece of paper that's not all that special. Except it is incredibly significant to us S.S's who are granted this privilege.

 Didn't expect parchment or vellum but a slightly more significant letter. Too much to hope for! ?

Sorry to hear you still have your cold, my hubby swears by eating walnuts when he has a cold, it’s the selenium in the walnuts that helps. Anyway hope it settles soon.

So glad you’re still able to drive, but I get how frustrating it is for you that it’s computer generated when you have to jump through so many hoops to get your license back.

Onwards and upwards. 


Computer says "YES!!!!"

Hope you'll feel up to driving soon xx

I like walnuts another excuse to buy some.  Usually it's because it's nearly Christmas or is Christmas. 

Thanks for understanding about the letter. I felt like I was whinging when I posted it. But when I think about it I had to fill in forms online and paper so did my GP and the Stroke team. Just to be sent a template letter that they cut and paste their chosen response into. Then it's not even signed with so much as an electronic signature.  I'm getting old!!!!! ??

Thank you! xx

No you weren’t whinging, I can imagine how frustrating it is when you have to give them all the information you have to  and all you get back is a crappy slip of paper that’s not even personalised. So annoying.

Its a bit like when you write a response to someone on this site then press post and it doesn’t register your response - so annoying, it happened to me tonight but hey ho the site is unpredictable at times.


Sadly, it didn’t work for John. He had a proper test, at a centr in Newcastle, approved by the DVLA (requested by the OT who had done her own tests) and was deemed fit to drive in October last year. Unfortunately, after his Stroke, he had problems with eyelashes growing inwards and scratching his eyeball. His operation for that was November so, once he recovered he did some local driving in December. He was delighted! THEN, On Christmas Eve he received a letter from DVLA revoking his license. He was gutted!

Despite letters from our GP and the chief Consultant for the geriatric team at our local hospital saying he is fit enough to drive, they created many obstacles (one major obstacle being long delays in processing paperwork). He finally received a letter saying he had to do a special driving test after he had taken lessons (at his own cost) from their approved instructor.......to be able to do this, it was necessary to apply to the DVLA for a special 3 month license! He finally conceded defeat at the end of August. Told me he’d given up and wouldn’t drive again. So that’s where we are now. I drive so we do almost everything together. 

Sorry to sound moany but it’s been tough. We certainly understand how you felt, Kay. ?  V&J

Ha ha, Ann. I found it went the other way for me tonight and I posted twice, lol! Good job the edit button worked. I’d originally typed Joany instead of moany so was able to correct it. My young sister, also Joany, would have found it funny. X 

That must have been heart breaking for you both.  Abiding by the rules achieving the standards they set only to have the goal posts moved. 

It's so brave of him decide to draw a line under it and get on with your lives. Stop jumping through their hoops and get on jumping for joy! ?‍♂️?‍♂️ 

Thanks, Kay. Yes, that’s what we’re trying to do and we seem to be managing most of the time. It’s when the hoops start strangling,,,,,,, ha ha. It’s a good job we don’t know what’s round the corner! One good thing we know is that when I stop driving, the money we’re spending on the car can be used for taxis. ? ? We’ll also have to walk more. ?? All good, isn’t it? ??

Hi V&J - that's very annoying, it seems unfair that John's been deprived of the opportunity to drive because he's fed up with jumping through hoops, it's not reflection of his ability and competance - frustrating indeed ?.  It can become very wearisome being the only driver, it's nice to be a passenger sometimes.  We also decided that we'd rely on taxis once we're done with driving - it's going to be considerably cheaper than running a car! We only have a bus service about once a week through the village, and bus stop is a mile away ? I'll order a taxi to the bus stop!!

Enjoy the w/end, just off to collect husband from hospital, fortunately he only spent the night, so he's my responsibility again, heaven help him ? 

xx Nic  xx

Hope Rip Van Winkle has taken his meds and is sleeping again! Love the way you can all make me smile! ??

The people on this site have an amazing capacity for humour, so quick-witted, I love their comments ?

RVW has been medicated and is watching the rugby, I'm trying to move him onto chocolate digestives soon, as there's a packet that needs to be released from confinement and eaten - nom, nom!! ?

I support this move. As there is always a place for good research.  Research on chocolate biscuits can fall in both camps qualitative and quantitative. Result two hypotheses tested with one packet of biscuits. 

Mike and I can currently quality testing some research done by the Which mag regarding Asda mince pies being the best. A coffee and a mince pie each and we think they might be right.  ???☕☕ x

Well done!!  I have to admit I was everso nervous when I got back into my car, I insisted on having someone with me to begin with.  Now I drive to places I know on my own.  Give yourself some time to get back into it.  Good luck  Wendy

Nic and Kay, You are both crazy ? ?. It’s so uplifting. Our son and grandchildren went back to Derbyshire at 3.0 pm and I had a big lump in my throat as we’ll not see them now until after New Year. Then I clock on here and you make me laugh. Thank you. 


Always at your service!!

Mmm it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it - many thanks for taking one for the team - we salute you ?️‍♀️?️‍♂️

Mmm it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it - many thanks for taking one for the team - we salute you ?️‍♀️?️‍♂️