Driving my car!

I have driven short distances. Just waiting for a letter from my insurance company and my cold to get better than I'm having some refresher driving lessons.  Not looking forward to them I learnt to drive well over 30 years ago! ???

Thanks! Keep up the important work! Yum ! Yum! ??

Drove my car today. Only 10 minutes away and back. I needed to go to a cashpoint and post two letters.  Both goals achieved hooray! ???

Well done, Kay. Little and often to build it up. It’s amazing how much progress you’ve made.

John went to the gym on Thursday last week, 20 mins on treadmill, 10 mins on the bike, 10 mins on some arm/hand machine then couldn’t move when he got into the pool!! Whacked for the whole weekend. This week he’s cut back. He walked along the coast on Tuesday then had a swim today. Much more sensible planning. He was pleased with himself even though he only did two lengths. V

Well done J!

I very impressed not up to your standard yet. But you give me something to aim for. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

That's brilliant news ? sounds very similar to my husband's first trip out in the car post-stroke!!  Then, in October we drove from Calais into Belgium, so from little acorns ... You're over the most difficult hurdle, now you know you can do it.  Enjoy your freedom ?

Too kind! My big goal is to drive to work.  But as you say I have made a good start. 

Ha, NObody wants to drive to work!! I just like driving away from work ? 

I'm sure you'll be doing that journey soon - keep everything crossed for you.  Have you got an automatic or manual car?  I really dislike night driving these days, but think it's just an age-thing.  

Vroom, vroom ? xx

An automatic.  I hadn't driven from March to November. As you say not as keen on driving as I used to be. But taxis are very expensive and waiting for them in this weather not fun. ???

Gives a good feeling of independence doesnt it. Do keep an eye on your concentration capability. After three years I am still only good to drive for thirty minutes, then the concentration starts to wander and I have to get off the road. But that thirty minuts takes me to shops, thenext twon each direction and even, at my limit to Clacton on Sea ! Ironically the stroke group is a further 5 minutes and its too far for me to properly cope. Needed new tyres. They hadnt worn they had started to perish ! Perhaps this isnt the most econimical tarnsport. Its just so convenient.


Independence is everything - a very valuable commodity.  I think taxis only become affordable if they replace the costs of owning a car.  Hopefully the automatic will be easier for you, not quite so many things to co-ordinate!!  I really hope the return to driving and work all goes smoothly, and helps you to find 'you' again.  

Penelope Pit-stop ? ??

Thank you! I'll make sure I don't over do it. I've had to buy a new battery as the car had been standing from March to November.  As I didn't think I should do anything with my car until I knew it was OK.  My husband doesn't drive.  So hopefully I can just drive the car enough to keep battery charged.

Looking forward to discovering my inner Penelope ?? xx

I bought a decent trickle charger. I do only short journeys and this kills the battery. So its trickle charged every month. Also, the low mileage means tyres are not worn but they do perish which is equally dangerous, need to check them now and again (if an MoT then they should advise). It would be cheaper to use taxis but the convenience is having the car when we want. The bus is even cheaper with those of us who have a bus pass !


Hi Colin, 

Good advice!  Don't have the skills at the moment to take a battery off my car to charge it. My car is a hybrid so hopefully it will survive short journeys.  

Not taken a bus for years.  As I walk with a frame outside not sure I could get on a bus a the moment. Something to aim for in the future.

There's always something for us S.S's to work towards.  


If the battery is the type for starting the car then a trickle charger can be used without removing battery from car. You need someone to show you what to do so its a safe task. 

Keep on keeping on


Thanks for the info.  I'll ask one of my neighbours he works for a local garage. 

Hi please can anyone help me with advice with regards to driving? My GP and the OT have given me the go ahead to start back driving it’s a month so I’ve been told I don’t have to notify DVLA. I just need to ring my insurer. Please can anyone tell me if you have done this and how it affects your premium? I’m so pleased but a little scared I guess. 

Dear Sam,

I phoned the DVLA who confirmed they didnt need to know. I then rang my insurers (Direct line) who were very polite but also said they didnt need to know. My insurance premium did not change. In fact my insurance later went down because I now do a lot less mileage.

I did, and still do, have to be very wary how far to drive. My concentration fails andI must not drive when the concentration is not perfect. Common snse really. But as I am the only driver it is very restrictive.


Best wishes



Thank you Colin for your reply. I have been reading various different bits on here since my stroke. I need to be back driving but I just want to take my time and see what I’m capable of. I have felt very isolated at home not being able to get out. Now I’m scared to get in the car. I’m sure once I get in it and do it once I will be ok I just need to take my time, little bits one step at a time.  ?