D Day

Had a brief down mood today, as we survivors do. One of the moods where you think, ‘Why can’t everything be as it was before the stroke’. There was only one solution for this today....,you’re right....change the duvet cover!

I went for a cover with autumnal shades and accomplished this task in twenty minutes with no swearing! So, mood lifted and something accomplished today after all.

Ha ha, you made us laugh! Keep it up JJ! Thank you. V&J

Perfect solution to a down  / duvet day! 

Congratulations on your success and time taken.

Hi John, I love the idea of a duvet cover to match the seasonal colours ? Does the twenty minutes include removing the existing cover?  

We recently spent a few days in Bruges, the hotel bed was so humungus it could have accommodated 4 adults ... I found myself wondering about the size of the duvet and how difficult it would be to change!! (Tragic) Then I discovered there were 2 x double duvets as the bed so was XXXL!!  Needless to say I felt so sorry for the maid I left her a sizeable tip for her stupendous efforts having to change all those duvets on a daily basis ? (Maybe I should have asked her about her technique!!)

Well done you, stay strong, tomorrow is another day ?

The twenty minutes did include taking the old bedding off. I have also resolved to stop thinking I can do things at the same speed I used to. Slow mindfulness is the order of the day.

How lovely to go to Bruges. I hope to get back to Europe if I can, but at least I can go on short breaks in the U.K. Stroke has been a great learning curve for me, but is part of my life’s progress and has to be worked at like everything else.. Fortunately, I have always laughed in the face of my own misfortunes, whilst remaining sympathetic to those less fortunate. Every time I go to the supermarket, I see others far worse off than me. If they can cope, so can I.

Your post tonight shows what a kind and generous human being you are.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to have a holiday outside of the UK in the very near future. x

Hello John, this is our third trip abroad since John’s Stroke in Feb 17. If we can give any tips on how we coped including insurance, we’d be happy to share/post. Our ‘initiation’ was taking my mother, then 78 to NZ in 2004! It’s still hard to think we all three managed but we did. We would all love to hear of your escapades in Europe! Mais oui, I hear you say! 


You two are inspirational! Is there any challenge you wouldn't be up for????? 

Try us lol! We dare to anything! But we have a most amazing friend who is paraplegic, knocked down by a car when he was 19 years old. Now in his late 40’s he’s game for anything. We met him and his wife on a North Cape cruise 10 years ago. He has had innumerable operations and has still travelled the world. He bears no animosity to the 3 young  lads responsible for the accident and has been a brilliant example to follow. When John has his down moments, he immediately thinks of Scott. 

It's amazing how other people can provide us with focus we need sometimes.  Your friend sounds like a very exceptional person that just by being himself can inspire and comfort others.  Then by sharing your experiences it helps us re-evaluate a low time for us. I believe it's called paying it forward. x

I am not up for the London Marathon or even the OAP egg and spoon race!


Will be in touch should that happy occasion arise.