Covid 19 vaccination caused my stroke?

according to one of my loopy friends , and here was me thinking it was more to do with smoking since 13 ,eating copious amounts of fried food and drinking a swimming pools worth of nasty lager products and generally not looking after myself and kidding my self i would get away with it for over 55 years.
has anyone else been told anything so ludicrous as this ,{the guy then went on to tell me the police had bugged his phone with a special app )


Hi @cuddyhung
It’s quite possible the police bugging our phones with apps although why they’d be interested in most of us I’m not so sure.

There’s quite a lot of suggested linkage between covid and strokes and it certainly has similar manifestations in some people to a stroke - even some treatments suggested as potential crossovers

There’s a lot of conspiracy theory as well


@SimonInEdinburgh it’s not a conspiracy it’s “Infany, Infany, they’ve all got it In For Me” :smiley:


Who knows?
The only thing I can say for certain is that I’m a loopy looney, too.
And proud if it,

ciao, Roland
ps. I doubt anyone would be interested in bugging my phone


When I was in stroke rehab, I was told by staff that there had been at least one patient in their care who had had a stroke due to the C shot. And that it was possible to get clots from just having C. Of course, we’re hearing much more about it now. The truth was always going to come out.
I, too, am a loopy looney and proud of it😁


This twaddle came up a couple of years back.
My experience was after coming out of hospital after a three week holiday care of the NHS in middle of covid . Local nutty local actress hears I’ve been stroked and comes around to see me. Points accusing finger at me :point_down:t2:, you know why you had a stroke ? Covid vaccine. Please go away…… I’m yet to have one ! It was HBP you silly person, your putting my recovery back by weeks


I, seriously, disappointed my cousin when he asked whether I had had the stroke after my jab because I had the stroke during lockdown. No, I had the stroke a year before any jab, in fact they forgot to invite me for a jab, so I waited a year before having one. It’s a theory out there, for me, the stroke I had was from cracking my neck and causing a dissection, not even a lifestyle related stroke as such. It’s a difficult one to unravel, from my point of view, statistically, I am to believe that the quantity of people having strokes during the pandemic were pretty much the same as any other period, whether they were triggered by any vaccine is left to speculation and some degree of independent research. I do think that if it were that some had strokes due to the vaccinations, then it stands to reason that others who might not have had strokes due to the vaccination might think that they also had a stroke due to the vaccinations. The domino effect of collective thinking &c. Mostly, I have avoided this topic due to the strength of people’s feelings about it, and since I had a stroke unrelated to the event, I cannot really say one way or the other.


You look great in your new profile picture.

I think all of humanity is the “crazy club.”

Take good care, friend.


I’ve heard of a few people having strokes during chiropractic visits.

Does that mean you should never go to a chiropractor? I have no answers.

Like I said, I don’t argue with others – people need to do as they see fit.

Please take care of yourself, Rups. I think of you all quite a bit.

We still don’t know for sure what induced my mother’s brain bleed.


Hello :slight_smile:

I have not see you for a long time !
how is life treating you?


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At Christmas time I felt quite tipsy after drinking a large gin and tonic. It wasn’t until I thought about it that I realised I had been given a covid booster shot only two months earlier, which clearly must have been to blame. Don’t trust these snake oil peddlers!


I actually strings I have noticed that everybody without any exceptions IE a 121 , 100% correlation - who has had a stroke was breathing before it but none of the people have taken the obvious preventative step in respect of the next one by stopping breathing…
I can guarantee with certainty. Giving up Breathing for 24 hours even for 1 hour there wont be any up more stroke symptoms


Welcome to the loopy looney club, Trace


I’m not being contentious, but………it does seem that there have been enough strokes post CV to warrant investigation.
For anyone who’s interested, here are 3 articles I found during a cursory search:


Hi Simon @SimonInEdinburgh ,
been really busy but still lurking in the background whenever I get a spare few moments.

I’m still pretty much as I was although things continue to change with a significant increase in spacticity pain to accompany the talamic pain but hey ho, I’m just taking it a sign that things are still changing up top :grinning:. 19 months now and I’m still the right side of the daisies so how could I complain.

Hope life’s treating you (and everyone else) well and that your enjoying the sun before it gets replaced by rain again tomorrow.

Take care

Rich C.


Well there is more reader appeal from it’s some ones fault so vaccine = causal link will get more popular press

COVID is positively correlated to neuro-related effects. Probably the vaccine is too. The question is how much good vs bad both of the vaccine and the pathogen done?

I think there’s a primer facia (appears on first glance before it investigation) case to say that on average populations are better with the vaccine than without. Then to observe that there are a few number of individuals both with and without it who are categorically worse off because they didn’t or they did have it - but we can probably never determine who those individuals were or would be



Is it definitely Spasticity Rich ?
I got my physio to double check mine and she told me there wasn’t any. She said everything I was feeling was sensation issues on the back of cpsp.

So things like stiffness, tightness might not be real, even though it feels just like spasticity.



Well, it is all very possible, my friend.

We believe that my mother’s aplastic anemia (autoimmune bone marrow failure disease) was brought on by Covid-19. She started showing signs of the disease 2 weeks after contracting it.

We just don’t always know what to do. Life is Russian Roulette – really! I don’t argue with others and tell them what to do, but sometimes we cannot trust the information, either. It’s crazy. I just don’t know these days. So much info, so much politics, so much craziness…

Take good care of yourself.


Hmmm, no. So much data & then contextualised with bias & a dash of ignorance… But I agree the net result is less reliability for decisions.



Turns out the Stroke Association have a piece of research on this already.

I find it interesting that US groups in 1918 and 1919 denied that the Flu was real and we had similar groups denying Covid was real. The filming of empty hospital wards…which were closed as proof it was a hoax. What was their agenda, what did they hope to get out of it, more deaths ?

Due to the war, suppressing news by the governments in 1918 would have only lead to problems. Hence Spanish flu as they were the only ones to report on it.

News of course travels much faster now, in 1918/19, people walked round with sandwich boards.
Well…until they caught the flu that was.,weeks%20after%20having%20Covid-19