Covid 19 vaccination caused my stroke?

Hi Nigel,
you’re right that it’s not definitely spasticity as with a screwed up sensory system I have no real way of discerning.

I recal that you were on a muscle relaxant (Baclofen?) a while back, did that help you with the spasticity type feelings that you were having?

Rich C.

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I think with hindsight Rich that might have been a mistake by clinicians who knew little about CPSP. Two different ones, one in the rehab team and one in neurology.

I presume it is very useful for genuine stiffness where the muscles are not relaxed but if it is a sensation, i can’t see it working. I keep meaning to give it up but as I have been on it for ages, I think I might get some withdrawal issues.

This seems like self medication control gone nuts. The GPs are out of their depth, neurology and the pain clinic give very contrasting views and I am not convinced that a medication approach will work. 80% with cpsp don’t get much benefit.
I wonder, if someone gave me a tablet with “this will get rid of pain” written in it, that might work best of all.
Why doesn’t the medical world make the most of the placebo ?

This is one list of the type of sensations cpsp gives according to NHS Scotland. I would add

  • twisting
  • itches
  • sensory overload
  • pre cramp
  • stiffness

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Hello Rich,

I am suffering all sorts of pains in my leg. Recently nerves have finally started making a comeback (stroke 17 months ago) and I realise that I use my foot poorly. It has been very sore. I also have spasms up around my hip; but this is exactly what incorrect foot use would provoke.
So I’m reading “The foot fix” by Yamuna Zake, and learning a lot which should help (can already feel a difference) with foot / leg / weight bearing etc.

I’m just messaging you in case you might find it relevant. Sorry to hear about spasticity etc. All the best, Roland

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My wife had the covid booster, 30th Oct 2022, felt ill just about every day afterwards (its in her diary and the number of times she was sick) on 26th Nov she had a severe stroke. There is no way to prove it was the booster that caused it or it didn’t…


Sorry to hear you and your wife have been impacted by stroke :frowning:

Now I’m aware of your membership here I’ll say welcome :slight_smile:

I hope you found the posts that you have already read helpful :slight_smile:

It certainly true to say that there are suspicions about covids effect on the brain and blood supply. I think about every possible opinion is supported by some.

Best wishes :slight_smile:

@martin.southward just popping by to say hi & welcome. Hope your wife is getting on ok following her stroke.

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That’s what I meant, Simon. You just said it more precisely. :slightly_smiling_face:

My mother never got the Covid-19 vaccine because it can induce bone marrow failure in patients with bone marrow disease. She was told this, and most doctors were upfront about it.

Like I said, people can only do their best to figure out what’s best for them. Whether to vaccinate or not has become a political issue. I just don’t care to argue with anyone. I couldn’t imagine the world, though, without there ever having been mass-scale vaccinations.

Take good care.

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I don’t think your friend is loopy at all. I think this is a serious consideration especially if there are no other obvious factors. I considered the possibility following my TIA and subsequent ruling out of any heart issues. I had it within a month of the jab. Funnily enough I caught Covid just a few weeks after the TIA. I mentioned all this to the consultant and I’ve noticed I haven’t been invited for a booster this time.

Needless to say I shall decline any further jabs.


Thank you. Very interesting but disturbing.

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I actually had Covid around this same time as now but 2 years ago …. And after it was clear I began having mini strokes …. Between May and June time I had 10 TIAs altogether and 2 brain bleeds …. I was taken to hospital by ambulance 3 times but never ever got to see a doctor or a bed …… however a doctor did phone me later to ask if I wanted a CT scan …. Yes I did and that was how the 2 small brain bleeds were found ….having Covid is well known to cause strokes and such like, and so is the vaccines. I can never have aspirin or blood thinners again ……


My husband is the same! I guess for him, he wants to pin blame, and all the covid vaccine conspirtheories have him hooked. He forgets that I needed a stent in 2012! That my family have a history of heart related problems!


HI Cuddlyhung,

Well vaxine conspiracy wise I’m on your side (I think). A year ago or so My immune

system went to pot. Pissing blood. Prostrate infected and enlarged. Got the usual not so friendly instrusive scans and the consultant informed me that my prostate was ok, no cancer but 1 of my kidneys had shrivelled to next to nothing and that it was surrounded by clots and this was probably due to the covid vaxine! This was followed by an alien abcess in my chest that required major surgery. 2 months later I recovered from that. All at this point is fairly good just awaiting results on tests on my dodgy blood flow to my legs. The week I get my negative results I have my 1st stroke (1 Tia & 2 strokes in 8 months) and my NHS stroke Dr (who is awesome) tells me as I’m on Apixaban I’ve been very “unlucky”. So, that doesn’t help at all. Cos now I’m back to square 1. Mainly Struggling to speak and with horrid fatigue. (I still think that I’ve been very fortunate comparatively).

Sidenote: I know someone who was bugged too. It does happen. If Big brother (jounalists, police, governments -not all obviously) has the slightest incline they can easily do it.

I’ve always felt I had a great sense of humour but now I think someone/something is taking the piss. Spose I will soldier on…till I can’t. Good luck to you and everybody else whilst on their journeys.

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