Corrective Sight Prisms

As a result of my stroke I have hemianopia in both eyes affecting the right hand upper quadrant of my vision. I have been offered an appointment with my local orthoptics department to discuss the use of corrective prisms on my spectacles. I have read that these can be helpful but also that a lot of people who try them don't get on with them and they can make you feel sick and unwell. Just wondering whether anyone has used them and what their experience has been. Thanks

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My husband has been using a prism on the top right corner of his glasses. It is just stuck on with water, but has actually stayed in place. It doesn't really improve his vision, but does make him more aware that there is something over that side, as it sucks objects further into your field of vision, but doesn't expand your vision. Hope that helps, give it a try.xx

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Thanks for the reply. I'll probably give it a go as nothing to lose.

I tried prisms and wasnt impressed with the results. Had never worn glasses previously and it felt awkward with no real improvement, so gave up after about a month. But, they may work for others and theres nothing to lose.

Thanks - it i useful to read your exprience, and to know not to expect too much!!

Hi Colin, my partner has Hemianopia and has lost the right vision in both eyes. We didn't know of anything that could help with this. When we saw the Opthalmoloist last week she just siad the vision had gone and it wouldn't come back. Allan was upset to have this confirmed but she just told him he had nothing to be upset about because he could still see and walk and his speech would improve!

Definitely give it a go. Let us know how you get on.

Hi - sorry to read that Allan's vision won't return. Ithink that unless the vision returns in the early months the likelihood of it returning later is pretty slim. My tests showed no improveent but I feel that my vision is better than when it first happened. Also I think I am learning to compensate more, so feel that things do get easier.

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Thanks Colin. Glad to hear that you find it gets easier. 

Hi colin, I am 16 weeks post stroke one of my issues was my vision, everything was at an angle of 45 dgs rising from left to right, my left eye has always been weak in fact even though I have specs I have never had a prescription on my left lense, just what they call a balanced lense.

On leaving hospital my balance was all over the place , as was my vision.

I had appointment at the stroke optitions at the hospital and in had a prism fitted to my left lens on my specs, I immediately noticed a positive improvement, I went back 2 weeks later and had another prism fitted to my prescription sun glasses again brilliant.

I went back again 2 weeks later and my eyes had stabilised it was amazing , I was so happy and relieved , as you can imagine.

My optition was so pleased my next appointment is not for 4 months and just a recap really just to make sure it still the same, at this point in time I have now started reading again and read at the speed of light, my vision is now better than it was before so it's a massive yes from me, i hope it works for you aswell, all the best , dave.


I have left hemianopia (loss of left peripheral vision in both eyes) and have clear lens glasses with a peli- prism on the left eye. It works perfectly fine for me. The ABI/ orthoptic specialist said they work in few patients, which is unfortunate. 

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Hi,I had a stroke 3 years ago and it has done my peripheral vision on my lower left side to. Been asking for ages about help with the problem but no help just wash your hands of you just keep taking the pills, where did you get them from the glasses to see if they help me ?would like to get back driving if I can thanks for your posts ect




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Hi - Glad to read that someone has had success with them. Not sure if you drove before your stroke, but if so has the wearing of prisms allowed you to return to driving as this would be my main reason for wanting to try them? Thanks

Hi-i lost my peripheral vision on my left eye completely and on the right eye slightly towards the nose. is there any solution to getting it back? Thanks

Hi Dave

Sorry only just read your reply - for some reason I totally missed it. I am so pleased to read that you had an improvement with a prism as most people appear to have had a negative experience with them. My consultant advised that i should let my eyes stabilise before trying prisms as he said it may impede my recovery as my eyes may just accept the prism as normal and stop trying to improve naturally. Did you drive before your stroke, and if so do you drive now post stroke/prisms?

Hope things continue to improve


I lost most of my lower left vision in both eyes - it being obscured by a migraine-like flashing aura. Eight years later, my last test showed my vision to be 93%, despite multiple opthalmologists declaring that nothing could be done. The 7% I don't see is from below my nose to the ground. Very short people that walk directly towards the six feet two, sixteen and a half stone me risk being trampled on!


The problems I have with my sight is that my dominant eye ( right)  cI have lost some of my central vision. When you look at a sight chart, and there are 3 letters I'm unable to see the centre letter. I've also developed night blindness.

I have glasses with a coating that is supposed to reduce glare but I don't think that it does. I did have some uncoated lenses in my last pair but when I had new glasses I had forgotten about the coating so my new glasses have the coating. My fault, it's a problem with my memory. I remember obscure things but as what I did yesterday.......not sure.

thank you very much for the reply. I glad for you

I am looking for information on peli prism for homonymous hemianopia, it’s for my husband and losing ability to driver at that young age as f 45 is causing depression to him. What are success rate? All posts were around 4 years old, any new developments in field of hemianopia? Your response will be appreciated.


Hi @mishraneha1808
Welcome to the forum
I’m sorry you have had a reason to join us.

If you use the magnifying glass above and a search for the conditions that interest you such as hemianopia you will find the posts that have been previously made here which will give you much more input than replies specifically to this post

hemianopia for example is the subject of 38 and peli has two hits of relevance and several aren’t

If you need more help then ask again :slight_smile:


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