Corrective Sight Prisms

Hi @mishraneha1808 just popped in to welcome you to the forum :people_hugging: I don’t have any experience of hemianopia so can help you there but I hope you find what you are looking through the other forum members.
I wish you and your husband well, where there’s life there’s hope, as the saying goes. In our case, stroke recovery can take a few years or many years. The more you live your life to the fullest after stroke, the greater the hope :wink:


Very well said. Our lives changed after my husband’s stroke, everyday i try motivating him and all these inputs coming from you guys will definitely help me giving more and positivity to him.


@mishraneha1808 Hi & welcome to the community.

I have a prism fitted to my left lens but it is for convergence insufficiency (i.e. double vision). I haven’t found it very helpful as i still get double vision. I think the peli one is meant to expand the field of vision - hopefully it will expand your husbands visual field enough so he can return to driving.

It took me a few weeks to get used to the prism but I don’t notice it’s there anymore.

Good luck x


Thanks for your inputs!

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