Community CoOrdinator Vacancy

Hi All
Ive just had acknowledgment of my application for role ref ce212 - the link will be deleted at the weekend so if you want to apply do it soon.
If you want to see the profile after 28thJan I have a copy :slight_smile:

i thought about this role and my application & concluded it is appropriate to share why i think I’m a valid candidate - the profile invites “experience of stroke” & flexible hours - i’d love to job-share - it asks for the below info -

this is my submission. Click to expand..

Covering Note

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I am a UK resident with the right to work in the UK. I have a home office & fibre-to-premises internet.

I welcome a video interview as it fits well with the fulfilment of the role as remote/ homeworking.

37hrs is more than I wish for post-stroke so I wish to job share on reduced hours. Sharing brings diversity & diversity of opinion improves solutions.

Further to the above; I am encouraged to read you “promote everyone’s individuality with kindness, and where we harness the value and diversity that everyone brings to help deliver our goals.” as these are my values too and I know the forum’s raison d’etre is improved by combining understandings of stroke survivor’s anxieties, challenges, experiences, etc in a tolerant non judgemental culture.

Oct 2020 I joined the StrokeWarrior community via an ischemic stroke - right-side affected. Now in Oct 23** I’ve improving capabilities. Still reduced mobility, very little dexterity in right hand. Normally (when unstressed & well rested) mild aphasia. Some susceptibility to fatigue etc.

I am future & opportunity focussed. Expert in techniques to deliver opportunities & turn problems and deficiencies in to positives/ improvements to build ‘road-maps’ & deliver them. I am neurodiverse: I’m creative; with ‘out of the box’ thinking, have a strong sense of fairness,…
Numerous study’s (eg Forbes, but search advantages of neurodiverse) have shown the positive qualities such as accepting of others, fair, loyal, concentration, analysis, …

As a strokeWarrior I’m highly motivated to improve the level of comprehension, empathy/ sympathy of post stroke needs & integration of effective services delivery.

** Oct 23 because I also applied when it was advertised & then withdrawn because Clement left

Qualifications and skills

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  • Stroke survivor - 3yrs post ischemic - I’m more than just ‘motivated & enthusiastic’. I am an active participant of several stroke forums & on social media for a significant amount of time, who helps my fellow stroke thrivers and benefits from their support too. I have first hand experience of many dimensions of what the challenges really are. I have first hand knowledge & experience of the failings too.
  • Scottish police safeguarding vetted for previous SA volunteer roles
  • Existing member stroke association online community - (was(?) top of the user reports for year and quarter, second on the all time as shown by user votes (likes) for help provided (Experience item 2), Member discourse-meta. ‘Staff’ group at another discourse. Able to marshal a cohort of volunteers from existing relationships – Key responsibility 3 KR3 Experience 1 E1
  • KR1 & E1 & E2 & E5- Experience of online communities since newsnet (NNTP) in the 80s, IRC in the 90s, etc. Ex Community lead & administrator of community using Mighty Networks 2022/ 23, Previous contributor LinkedIn Project Management Community. Deep interest in community culture, developing discipline of sociology in digital contexts, governance & lifecycle & software ‘social design biases’
  • Liaison with strategic lead AHP stroke for the Lothians developing post-stroke hubs with integrated digital community networks see Digitally Enabled Chronic Care Community Networks: beyond '1hr Fortnightly zoom Cafés'
  • CGEIT - Certified In The Governance Of Enterprise IT from Information Systems Audit and Control Association ISACA - lapsed post stroke. GDPR & DPA aware & trained
  • (Pre-Stroke) PMP instructor, Prince2 and Prince2 agile instructor, Instructor for various program office management certification. Trainer (in-person and online KR2) for: COBIT, Microsoft project, Business continuity, Configuration management, Project quality, Project risk, Project communications, Team building & management, Project Communications, Leading Complex Projects, Metrics & Dashboard Design, Lifecycle Choice, et al… Lapsed after stroke. KR2 & E2,3,4,5 & 6
  • Courses/ workshops developed for in person & remote online (KR2 & 3 E1-6) & on demand video (eg udemy, skillshare, teachable, youTube – e.g. PMP instructor). Skilled in re-rendering & simplifying/ unifying concepts (or contradictions) from different ‘experts’ for a lay-audience
  • E3Ex first second and third line support E6 (Answering ‘tickets’ to Service Levels) for applications, databases and system administration (config, performance, security, DR and continuity etc etc). Also Ex 24x7 Mainframe operator, Ex software developer (PL1, c, VBA, Unix/linux tools…).
  • 30 years experience of service improvement in IT service delivery many as consultant to snr management and implementation team lead or liaison
  • Service Management and Capability Improvement Consultant/ Auditor to organisations such as BAE systems, General Accident, Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN Rome, etc in governance of change. (I’m an inveterate improver of all things - as illustrated by Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start & other topics, Divergent and lateral thinker)
  • Multiple years experience as project manager and project/program office manager. Design, implementation and running analysing & reacting to balanced scorecards/KPIs/GQM-OKRs for service improvement & reporting to senior management
  • Author of short form written content (300 to 1200 words) for publications such as Project Manager Today, Arras’ How To Manage A Camel, ESI’s blog et al
  • Varying experience/ familiarity of: jira like tools, Trello, Miro, Slack, Google analytics, html/wordpress, o365, vba, figma etc

End of Submission

Please acknowledge receipt – Charlotte has told me that mail often gets spam trapped

i’ll let you know how i get on :slight_smile:


Good luck with your application.


@SimonInEdinburgh :crossed_fingers: and good luck with application.



All the best with your application Simon. In the time I have known you through the forum I think you would be a credit to the stroke association, especially given you have lived the unwelcome experience that is a stroke.
In particular, your ability to suggest paths to uncover information not freely or easily available. You have most definitely allowed me to expand my knowledge of central post stroke pain, would not have been able to do so to the extent I have without your help.

It is also obvious how willing you are to help others with the number of forum posts, suggestions of the search facility and info for people newly arrived in the forum.

Good luck


Simon good luck with your application, I’ve got everything crossed for you :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :shamrock: :pray: I’d like to say more but I’ve depleted my words on those other posts so brain needs recharging.
You are the man for this position and I hope and pray to do get to job share with it because I think you would be an perfect for the role :people_hugging:


Good luck with your application Simon, you will be a great asset to the Stroke Association, as you are to My Stroke Guide.

You are always so welcoming and helpful to everyone who uses this forum.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and look forward to hearing how you get on.

Best wishes and kind regards.



Thank you Nigel
Blush :flushed::blush:

I’m glad you found my efforts helpful

I want to improve care we can bring to bear :bear::koala: for #StrokeWarriors to create better / more Stroke Thrivers

I’ll keep striving what ever


Thanx @EmeraldEyes & @Susan_Jane


Lorraine you’d be great as a job- sharer :slight_smile:

Thnx Susan



Brilliant @SimonInEdinburgh.

As others have said, you’re the perfect match for this role. What you’ve done voluntarily here on the Forum has more than demonstrated your skills and aptitude for a more formal appointment. Your willingness to help people shines through and you’re a mainstay round here.

I’ve got everything crossed for you.


Thank you for your compliment Simon
I would like the opportunity and have seriously considered it since you first mentioned it.
Unfortunately I can’t make that kind of commitment just yet, even as a job share.
It’s nothing to do with stroke issues, more due to personal commitments I’ve no wish to neglect. And I don’t want to run the risk of having to leave you in the lurch :confused:


Thnx @JSCAPM - kind of you to say :slight_smile:

@EmeraldEyes - sentiments very much appreciated. I didn’t/ dont want to stress you and it’s not my ‘gift’ to know you’d be at risk of letting me down :slight_smile:

I think 3 would be a good number of shares - but we will see - “many a slip betwixt cup and lip…”



I would be thrilled to see @SimonInEdinburgh in this position. He has already proven he can handle the role as he has been doing quite well at it for the time I have been here. His thoughtful comments are very helpful and are provided with clarity even my stroke brain can understand.

He has shown through volunteer acts that he is knowledgeable of the subjects, thorough in his research of topics brought up, honest about what he does know vs. what he suspects or what has helped him personally, and definitely knows his way around the software.

His care and kindness towards others shows, and his hopes to make things easier to navigate and find information has paid off for me, and for others, as they have mentioned consistently in this forum.

I hope the Stroke Association is seriously considering his application. I know he is the right person for this position.


Good luck Simon! The job has your name written all over it! :muscle:t4::clap::pray:


You have really cornered support for us which I know I am grateful for


Just found out there were more than 400 [sic] applications!!!

Wowser wow


WOW. Pay didn’t look all that great for the job. Seems like a lot of people applying for the money. I wonder how many are actually qualified? Perhaps mostly working from wherever one wishes is the draw?

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My guess is a lot of people who think its being on social media and being paid, another group of students looking for a placement while at uni. It might also be people looking for a second job since it’s work from home.

I’ve seen nothing although Nicola said shortlisting was Thursday and inform people Friday. She ran the quiz on Friday don’t know if that means she’s finished sending out for or was delayed .

If I haven’t heard my lunch time I think I’ll ask. I would hope not to be rejected without even an interview


Can’t be many of those 400 who have been supported so heavily on here or who have had a stroke.


I’m hoping that is seen as a positive


I’m positive that @SimonInEdinburgh would be the perfect candidate for this role. Not only have you been through the trauma of a stroke, you’re abilty to show compassion and empathy to others who have gone through the experience, but also to offer well thought out advice on the recovery journey is first class. This also applies to those caring for someone who has suffered a stroke. I feel it’s very important to have these qualities as I’ve found that usually the only people who truly understand what it’s like to go through this horrible experience are those who have been unfortunate enough to go through it themselves. You have shown total dedication to helping others and I wish you all the very best with the application.