Community CoOrdinator Vacancy

Good luck Simon! I am sure you would be very good for the position.

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Hi all

Apparently, according to their point scoring model I don’t score enough to qualify for an interview compared to the much better qualified candidates :slight_smile: who have “extensive experience”



That’s a pity @SimonInEdinburgh sorry to hear that. Job hunting is no fun.



I wasn’t job hunting :slight_smile:

Im improving our ‘lot’ & this was/ is a way…



On the same day the chief exec of the neurological alliance reached out to ask if I would volunteer my digital community skills for their members



Had the misfortune to suffer a stroke - 0 points
Have insight only a stroke survivor can have - 0 points
Ability to share real lived stroke information - 0 points
Supporting fellow stroke users - 0 points
Sharing information to fellow survivors - 0 points
Feedback from fellow stroke survivors - 0 points
Finding information not easily available on any public forum - 0 points
Have digital skills attractive to similar projects - 0 points
Not had any of the above - 1000 points

Thank you for your application but using our points scoring system , let’s face it you didn’t do very well


Well put, @Nigelglos, have one of these, cos you’re fabulous


If a member of the stroke association reads my post, I would ask you to consider that the post was made with the best of intentions.
Everyone hopefully wants the same thing, the provision of the best possible advice. No amount of text book entries on your web pages can ever really capture the true experiences from stroke survivors.

You have a truly remarkable and motivated resource from posters on this forum. Don’t let that go to waste.

As a stroke charity you should be committed to a fair proportion of your staff being survivors.
As a stroke charity you should totally welcome and indeed seek via surveys on the performance of the SA against its objectives and mission statement.
As a stroke charity, you should ask forum members what we would like you to campaign for.
A user group, perhaps based on post and likes. A person would only last perhaps 2 years in the group until replaced to ensure a fresh flow of new ideas.
You should engage. It would allow you to provide something no doctor, consultant can ever do. How does it feel…