Christmas chutney

Just made some. I find cooking makes me use my weak hand.


They look good John, is it complicated to make ? I started making my Christmas cakes at the end of October, a bit late again this year but I’ve made 3 so far. Another 2x 8ins and 2x 6 ins to make in the next couple of weeks.
Best wishes.


Wow looks good John ,what’s actually in them …pippy

Onion, cooking apple, cranberries, spices and wine vinegar

Very nice but ,didn’t think we could have cranberrys because blood thinners and statins ,looks and sounds amazing thou …pippy

I have checked on Google and it looks as though cranberries are okay with blood thinners.there are lots of lovely chutney recipes though

I didn’t know you could not eat cranberries if you are on blood thinners and statins . I thought it was just grapefruit. Irene