Change to 'My social' are now live

The changes to My Social are now live - you’ll see that each forum now has a short description to help guide you to the appropriate place and get involved in discussions.

if anyone has any feedback, or would like some support with these changes please contact us on or send this account a message.

Thank you


Thank you for your patience and feedback on the changes to My social. 

The recent changes come about from feedback taken from My Stroke Guide users and attendees of the recent Stroke Assemblies.  They are pretty big changes and we appreciate that they do introduce a very different way of accessing and sharing information than most users have been used to up until now.  

The My Stroke Guide community has been invaluable in offering their experience, advice and support to others and we believe it will be much easier for people to access and share that knowledge if they could find the topics they are interested in.  This means directing the conversations to forum topics, where users can create a new discussion or reply to a post in specific forum topics which interests them.  If you think we need to add a forum topic, please let us know.

Having My social ‘Latest activity’ also means that users no longer have to search every forum topic to find the latest conversations. Instead, you can now delve into a conversation straight from My social page.

This is new and we really look forward to hearing your feedback to make it a better experience.

Attached to this post are some screenshots and simple directions of how to navigate the changes, I hope they are of help to you. 


Hi Vicki, I think there has been a problem with the site all weekend. Hope someone can check it out on Monday.

That's a relief I thought it was just my connection. 

Seems to have been sorted now, everything seems to be connecting as it should.


Yes sorry, we had a problem with the whole network the end of last week. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this caused, but good to see it's back to normal now!


Phew! So glad to see the board back! Amazing how comforting it is to just pop in! Thanks, team. V&J 

I am quite lonely without the site. Perhaps is it time for me to bow out disgracefully, but thne I think maybe a new sufferer could need a few kind words.

Who will we turn to for advice and words of wisdom if you’re not here. Lots of us have relied on yours and others advice. It will be fine now that the site seems to be running smoothly again. Hang on in there Colin.

I’ve  just seen the date today and realised its 1 year today since my stroke, wondered why I’ve felt bad all day now I know. It seems to have been a long year.

Hope you are ok otherwise.






Colin, the site wouldn’t be the same without you! We need those words of wisdom! It was certainly strange not being able to access, wasn’t it? V&J ??

Wow, Ann! Look how much you’ve achieved. Well done. I bet you wouldn’t have thought that a year ago.

Maybe next week...John makes little steps forward even now, after two years. Today, he came to North Shields with me for the ride (I went to the chiropractor) and then a short walk to St Mary’s Lighthouse. Although he was tired afterwards, he had a short rest then I dropped him off at the pool for half an hour. However, he has decided not to go to the dance tonight,,,,,☹️??. Ah, well, maybe next week???

You’ve both had a busy day today.

We went to Richmond for a couple of hours, it was lovely there today although there was a bit of fog on the way to Scotch Corner. It’s not a bad run from home to there -about an hour or just over.

Glad to see you are both well.


Ah, Richmond is beautiful, isn’t it? I think I’ll add that to our list of ‘not too far away’. Probably as far as North Shields from here. V&J ? 

Think you’ll both like it. There is a museum to the Green Howard’s which I think you’ll both like, it has a big collection of medals on display. It can be a bit difficult to park especially around lunch time - we end up going round and round, and you need a parking disc which you can get from shops.



Colin sorry you can't bow out we need your words of wisdom!!

Thank you, Ann. Will certainly add to my list. Thirst is another interesting place we’d like to drive out to as well. We stopped, briefly on a mystery tour and liked what we saw.


It’s probably about the same distance to Thirsk. We like it there as well. It’s not too far from where we live.


NNNnnnnnnooooooo!!  No bowing out - it was a problem with the site, and we're all glad it's back up and running again.  You're 100% correct, maybe a newbie could do with support, and then there's all the others, of course, who rely on catching up with you.  The site without Colin doesn't bear thinking about ??

Please please listen to the requests not to leave us. Your posts have helped me come to terms with the new Kay and to understand what's happening as I go through my first year of recovery 

Speaking for myself I feel the best we could offer you is posting holidays.  Up to a week free from having to offer advice and support. 

Hang in there this site needs you!




Colin, Please do not leave this site. You are a welcoming and reassuring voice. Your posts always cheer me. Keep up the good work.