Change to 'My social' are now live

Yes it was. Felt quite lonely. I fear you wont be getting rid of ma that easily. Bless you for your kind words.


Morning Colin

Hope you're ok.

The others on this site clearly value your wonderful support and words of wisdom, but only you know when it's time to leave the site. Maybe it's about finding a balance and limiting your time to one hour a day, for example? 

If you're finding the site helpful with your own recovery, and you have found some new friends who you wouldn't have found before your stroke, then don't leave, continue seeking the support and providing others with it.

Take care :)


Bless you. I am staying for the time being.

The cheques is in the post. I am off tomorrow to buy new hats. I am so humbled buy all your posts. And I am not going to bow out.

How can I refuse. I honestly didnt realize you guys were even reading my words, let alone taking much notice. You are going to be lumbered by lots more Sooty Oscarthemagnificent little pictures. 

Wilco John.

I would have missed you if I left so now I will stay on.

Many thanks and bless you.

Oh my goodness,even the bosses are paying me compliments. I cant believe all this attention.

I will indeed stay, and when I am a bit stronger then I will learn how to use the site properly !

Thank you Vicki.



So glad you’re staying we need your words of wisdom. 


Yippee! But we need to see you wearing it! Pink? Lol!

Fantastic!! ??

Looking forward to both of your contributions 

Hooooo ray! 

That's the best news I've had all day ?

I can’t add a picture to my profile. You can add one but the next time you log on it has disappeared. 


Ann Banks

As you might have seen, I have put a photo on board, after they all seemed to be deleted. I just went to my profile. Change picture, browse and away it went. This site is hard to fathom. As to how we expect a recent stroke survivor to deal with this, well I dont know. The old forum rescued me with help advice and friendship, but it was so simple to use. And really, it is recent stroke survivors who need the support most. Have another go at the photo and look around to see if it accepts it or whatever



Thanks Colin I’ll try that. Hope you are OK  and keeping well.

Same here. The one I used to have disappeared. I uploaded my photo from the iPad, and the photo was accepted. No warning about maximum size or maximum pixels.I changed my “about me” blurb as well. Accepted. My post from last night had my new photo. Logged off. Logged back in and no photo but the “about me” was there. 

Looks like a glitch? 


The picture attached was automatically cropped and reduced to fit. But you can see no warnings about 1024 pixels or image size is given when you are uploading a profile pic.

Hello Rick,

I am also using an iPad and have exactly the same problem. I think the issue is with the ‘choose file’ under New profile  picture - it always reads no file selected. The problem has only happened since the site was altered to include goals,calendar and journal entries. 

Have you pressed on “Choose file” and selected “Photo Library”?


I'm Bill and im new to this.

I’ve done that but it doesn’t seem to help.