On a much shorter time frame, I couldn’t wait to be free of the therapists, not that there was anything wrong with them, I just don’t do fussing. I played it their way for time, but felt they were holding me back, not tough enough with or for me. Plus one was pregnant anyway and we were still in lockdowns…I didn’t feel comfortable at all with that. But once they were gone, it was like opening the stable door for me, I was off and never looked back :laughing:

Could it be that’s what he’s waiting for subconsciously, sometimes that’s all it takes for some people. I wouldn’t say this is your life now, life is what you make it, life is how you choose to see it! Is that what you want to see?
And how much do you do for your husband as opposed to what he does for himself? Could he do more but for you, have you made it too easy for him? Think about these questions.

Babies are always falling down when they’re learning to walk, are babies a burden?

And babies need lots of different types of stimulation in order to learn and lots of rest.

Unlike babies, he had all stimulations he needed until they got taken away from him.

From what I’ve just skimmed through from your other posts, he is making good progress. And you know, just because he’s the one who had the stroke doesn’t mean you can’t go cry on his shoulder…just as I did a few nights ago on my daughter’s shoulder, we both ended up having a good cry because it feels so good after :blush: He’s still a human being, what’s more, he’s still your husband. You don’t need to be a rock all the time, you don’t need to be invincible, and maybe he needs you to be his wife and not “just his carer”. You’re in this together and you’re going to celebrate his recovery out the other side whatever form it takes.

Don’t see this as a burden, you wouldn’t with a baby. Just like babies, his neurons need to be renewed, repaired and educated/retrained, nurtured in order to grow and develop. And, like babies, it doesn’t happen over night, it won’t take as many years, but it will take a few. Just enough for you both to come to terms with this new way of life.