Cardiff Half Marathon

Hi all, 

I've mentioned on here that I'm doing the Cardiff Half Marathon later this year, Nine years after my Massive Stroke, being bed-bound  and being put in a (long-forgotten) wheelchair in 2010.

Getting to that race has been a goal for pretty much all of this year - I'm doing 10K practices every week and the training now is pretty withering - five days a week training, for a weekly total of 21 miles, before it will rise to nearer 30.

I'm no speed demon, of course - the younger, pre-stroke me that could run five miles in under 30 minutes seems a bit of a distant memory although me/him never did a half-marathon before.

If anyone is reading this after a Stroke and thinking "what happens now?" - there's only one answer - whatever you would like!

I'm not boasting, or meaning to, but sometimes stories like mine show that the sky is the limit!

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That's one massive goal for you to set yourself and a massive pat on the back for getting this far. Reading stories like yours are an inspiration to us all. It just shows that the brain and the body are wonderful at recovering, adapting and re-training. Setting goals is so important during stroke recovery starting off with small goals (mine's getting back to the gym again soon) and reaching towards larger ones. I remember when I got out of hospital and my first goal was learning to use a knife and fork again - seems a lifetime ago now but I did it. 9 years has seen a collosal improvement for you and you've every right to be proud of yourself!  Well done yes

Well done Damian! I have a friend running the same race is support of prostate cancer. I can’t run any more but you are right about pushing yourself onwards. Three years ago I visited some local village gardens. I was using a walking frame and very limited as to what I could do. We visited the same gardens yesterday and, on a stick, I managed to walk to every garden. It took time, but I did it. Very tired afterwards as I did not have my midday nap, but I did it.

Enjoy your run, but don’t overdo it.

Thank you onwards and upwards,

I usually just mention the half-marathon in passing but I remember what it was like to be hoisted half-paralysed into a wheelchair and then wheeled around by my family- some of the most difficult days in my Stroke Journey but I made it through!

Wow well done you, what an achievement, good luck. Wendy

hi Damian 

well done. I have, as you know been encouraged by your story. I was a regular fitness runner before the stroke, never remotely an athlete and never  near half marathon ability. I am working on getting my walking better now. don't run before you can walk has taken on a new meaning. I would love to be able to get out for a run again. but maybe I need to extend my time horizons. I am just a bit over three years post stroke. in your terms, just a beginner! had a few set backs recently which have complicated things. but nothing that won't be resolved in time.

  great stuff. I hope you enjoy the run.


Hi Damian 

thats fantastic achievement. My husband is 15 months post stroke and finds everything a struggle at the moment. He too was a marathon runner. I’ll read your story to him.  I’m finding it tough to motivate him though.  

Take care 


Great to read stick with it and best wishes for the half marathon