Cardiff Half-Marathon - latest

I posted on here two months ago about my goal of completing the Cardiff half-marathon on foot this year. My preparations have continued and it is now only two days until I will hopefully complete over 13 miles in under four and a half hours -  nine years and 18 days after my Stroke put me in a wheelchair for several months in 2010.

With hundreds of miles of training done in the last eight months, I am glad to finally be almost at the starting line. As someone who was told at 43 years old that I might spend the rest of my life in a nursing home, it seems incredible that I'm in a race far greater than anything I did before my Stroke.

If you are a recent stroke survivor and see only your disabilities, have faith that this is only the start of what can be an amazing journey - miracles are possible and great things can be done with commitment and dedication.


Go, Damian, go! You have fought your way back and are a great example to others. I have a friend running in the same race in support of prostate cancer. Good luck to all of you.

All the best Damian. You've put so much hard work into your recovery you are truly an inspiration to us all.  Fingers crossed for some good weather for you. 

Best of luck Damian! Thank you for a very inspiring message - both words and actions. No matter what's the result, you definitely have worked very hard to reach this stage. Again, best of luck and congratulations. smiley

Brilliant, just marvellous. 


Hello again - I completed the half-marathon in four hours and 21 minutes!

Absolutely brilliant! Well done you on a great achievement.

BrillianDamian. My friend Mikey completed the race too.

Congratulations! Your achievement is both inspirational and motivational. With my best wishes. smiley

Brilliant. I stopped running as kept dragging my leg and fell over. Makes me want to try again, you are inspirational. Thank you.