Capacity assessment

I've been told that I will need a formal capacity assessment conducted before I return to work.  Has anyone had one of these? I'very been told some of the things being assessed balance,  movement of my affected hand and cognitive function. 


Kay, This might help you.

Thanks for the link very helpful. 

I have just finished my first day of my second week of my phased return to work.  It's not as smooth as I had hoped for. Managers don't seem to understand some of my needs.  I tried explaining that I  would like to be told in advance what I could expect to be doing each day. Especially if I'm meeting patients as I feel I need to prepare myself for their reaction to new Kay.  Who doesn't walk as well as old Kay. They couldn't see this as an issue.  I wasn't refusing to see patients I just felt I needed to prepare myself for their questions and reactions to new Kay.

One potentially useful idea was suggested referring myself to Remploy to ask for support with dealing with stress and related problems in the workplace.  I completed myself referral via a web chat and am waiting to be allocated someone to help me. Should happen in the next 10 days usually 5 days from referral.  Will keep you posted 


Hi Kay - I wonder if your patients are kinder and more accepting than your managers, I hope so.  Good luck with the Remploy support.  Well done on completing the day - what a nightmare to start off with - you got through, don't let the ******* get you down.  (I'm self-editing to save the stroke site the bother ?

Hope you have a calm evening xx 

Look into Access to Work, who can offer support.

They recommended changes to my workstation and part funded an electric wheelchair 

Hi Kay, what a disappointing return to work you’ve had but as an NHS worker myself before I retired I’m not surprised really. I’m sure Remploy will help you, it’s not a lot to ask who your patients will be that day, like you said you were just trying to prepare yourself for their questions, especially if some of them knew you before you had the stroke. It can be really difficult to return to work when you’ve been off for a long time but good for you Kay for wanting to go back. The ones that matter - (your patients and hopefully your colleagues) will appreciate you being back I’m sure.

I’ll be looking out for your posts to see how you’re getting on, don’t let them get you down Kay.



Thanks for your encouragement it's much appreciated 

That's very useful information thank you

Your a star thanks for making me smile ⭐?

Dear Kay

You have managed to get through day one of week two. Please give yourself at least two gold stars.

Good grief, if the NHS dont understand stroke survival than what chance of others ?

Its the stress that gets us. Our poor damaged brains are trying so hard to let us get on, but the brain can not work as fast as we want.

I wouldnt be fussed about the walking situation. That is visible and any decent person will understand. Its whats going on inside our head that is the difficult bit.

I started the tiniest weeniest little admin job about eight months ago. I was all over the place. I couldnt cope and the anxiety rocketed. I thought I would have to stop. But being such a tiny job, I decided to take all the hours in the day just to get the basics right. Well eight months on and my brain does now cope. My memory is returning. I am on top of my little job and my conversation is starting to go forward. Light at the end of my very long tunnel.

Smile a lot.

You are not alone, we are out here for you



Thank you so much for your advice and support it's much appreciated.  

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your continued improvement it gives me hope for my future.

Met with the Advisor from Remploy today. Very helpful and felt I had someone in my corner.  2 minutes later got a telephone call from the Occupational health physiotherapist saying they were concerned about my levels of pain and fatigue now I am back to work.  The pain I get is because they bought a new chair for me without measuring me or discussing it with me. Increased fatigue well I'm just back to work after a year off ????????

Now I have to get a fitness to work certificate from my GP ASAP.  Surgery closed on weekend.  Closed on Monday for training. Deep joy!

They’re not a very good advert for the NHS are they. Good for you for stating your needs, I’m glad you have Remploy in your corner they will make sure you’re treated properly and keep an eye on how they are behaving towards you.

Hope things settle down for you soon and you can relax a little and get back into the swing of being back at work.

I’ll await the next instalment Kay.

Best wishes 


Thanks.  Meeting with Remploy Advisor,  senior manager and me booked for next Thursday at 09.30am. Round 1???

Have a  good weekend 



Try not to get too stressed about the meeting Kay. The representative from Remploy will have experience of your situation and won’t let them put you under any pressure. You would think they would be glad to have an experienced employee who wanted to be able to come back to work wouldn’t you. 

I’ll watch out for your post on Thursday. Hope it’s not too stressful for you.


Thanks keeping my fingers crossed 

Hi Kay

I too had a year off work and returned with lots of help from my headteacher, with a new role to suit my needs.  I did not need to have a return to work note.  If you look on the right hand side of the sick note it states that you can return to work work before you're current note runs out if you are able and that you do not have to obtain further notes.  I needed to see occupational health, which happened some eight months after I had returned just to cross the Ts and dot the Is!  I think this is also stated on the Government web site.

It is a shame that some employers have no idea of how to help those who have been off sick long term to return.  I would have thought common sense would say help would be needed.

Any way good luck.  Wendy

Hi Kay, I agree with Ann's previous post, but would also add that your senior manager ought to be worried, because it sounds like they're screwing up, and they need to sort this out.  For goodness sake they're making this more difficult than it needs to be, they need to listen to you - two ears and one mouth for a reason, listen!!!

I think I may have missed a few earlier posts as I've been tied up with other stuff, so excuse me if I've lost the plot ... 

All good wishes for Thursday, and hopefully soon, this will just be a memory and you'll be on the right track again,  ? take care xx

It seems so strange that the NHS are so poor at this!!  You'd think they would be really organised about welcoming staff back to work, just as your Head made efforts to ensure your return was successful for both parties - very frustrating.  This is why Colin suggests a special community, an island somewhere, to allow us all to live together taking on suitable roles, and not having to worry about all the silly stuff that goes with being a SS.  He's got the right idea!!