Capacity assessment

Thanks.  I hope so. ?

Hi Kay - I had a 'naughty' word removed - so I'll give you a clue - "it sounds like they're messing up".  The word I used has been replaced by the bold word, and it wasn't a swear word, but clearly someone is a little fragile in the proof-reading department!!  heyho!


I agree.  But I hope that the Remploy advisor and the Trust Speak Up Guardian will help me keep moving forward.  Hopefully fighting for other S.S's who want to return to work. 

Have a good weekend! xx

Grr why do they have to make things so difficult as if you haven't been through enough.  They should be sorting out a new chair for you and helping you back to work.  Good luck with the next few meetings. I hope your GP gives them some stick! xx

Thank you for your support.  

Hope your doing okay while you are waiting for your next consultation.  xx