Cack handed

As you all know, I rate cooking as an opportunity to use my weak hand and aid recovery. The problem is that being mostly one handed it doesn’t always go to plan. Making a cake involves cracking eggs and this usually goes okay. My weak point is the hand whisk. Today, I mixed the cake and paused proudly, holding the electric hand whisk to one side. Cue finger on good hand to start it up again involuntarily. Bits of cake mix flew over the kitchen work top! Like many others, I dare not tell my partner of mishaps, so a quick cleaning up operation was called for. As my partner tires of me breaking things, when I broke the top of a small pot last week, I said nothing and popped the bottom bit back in the cupboard and the broken top went quickly into the recycling bin. After all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.......

I like your thinking JJM  -  I've had similar experiences with electric toothbrushes, makes a lovely abstract splatter pattern, I'm sure that's how Pollock got his ideas and look where it got him!!  Ssssshhh your secrets are safe with us!  ? xx

Oh dear, tonight I got asked where the lid is. I am afraid I lied and said I must have misplaced it. I was asked if I might have put it in the dustbin. I said no. Be sure your sins will find you out.

To quote the great Homer Simpson "D'oh!"   ?

Nicabella, It’s getting worse. This morning he said, ‘I can’t understand where that lid’s gone to.’ I answered by saying that perhaps it did fall into the bin. That’s as close to the truth as I’m prepared to go.

Distraction is the answer, then hide the pot - out of sight, out of mind ...?

Good luck ?