Bus pass?

My bus pass arrived today, hoping this will be some more independence until I hopefully get to drive again.

Awe thats great. You will have to check in and let me no how your getting on. 

Feels very strange to have a bus pass 11years early! Away to get my hair cut next Fri so will be using it then?

Enjoy using the bus. For almost two years I was not allowed to drive so to keep my sense of independence I used the bus once in a while when I am doing errands. I found it very interesting and very uplifting. I was really amazed at the kindness of the drivers and other passengers. They were all very supportive especially as I need to use a walker. Now that I can drive again I will still occasionally use the bus. I miss the whole experience. I might even drive to the next village, park there and take the bus to go a bit further. Let the adventures begin.

Have fun and really enjoy getting back some independence. With my best wishes... ?


I bet it feels strange but i think it will be good for you. Give you more independance. I hope it goes well let me know and enjoy getting your hair done.smiley



Off on my first bus trip tomorrow, a journey that used to take 25 minutes in the car will take 49 minutes on the bus! Will let you know how it goes.

Well managed my first bus trip, very helpful driver , I had to ask what to do with the pass & she explained everything so next time I will know what I'm doing.

Another very good bit of progress on your part Katy. Well done indeed.

I had done supermarket shopping a dozen times when I got to the check out and I just didnt know what to do. I told the cashier and I could not believe how helpful and understanding the staff were. She ran through what to do and insisted on getting someone to pack and carry my stuff to the car. The next time I visited the store that cashier came to me and asked if they could help. Thats the co op for you. They do say they are dementia friendly and they are true to their word. Things have eased for me over the years


Well done , keep it up

Congratulations for a very positive experience. I was also amazed with how kind and supportive the drivers were when I started to use the bus. I even got a free ride once LOL without me asking for it. If we only have more regular bus service where we are I would be happy to use the bus. Unfortunately there are only 3 in - 3 out of the village from Monday to Friday. Enjoy using the bus to give you more independence. With my best wishes... ?