Broken Foot

Jeez! Last Tuesday night, fell backwards. Thankfully, bum landed on loo, though twisted foot in the process. All happened so quickly, as these things do. Swelling has gone down, though swelling and redness remain at the heel mostly. Have not seen a Dr yet, though have spoken to loads of friends/family. Wear an elastic bandage, rest as much as possible and put Deep Freeze cream on. All have helped, but will seek medical advice at hospital next week. Overcame total paralysis after stroke, and many other issues. Seems this is just one more eek! Wish me luck! Thanks. Carole xx :slight_smile:


Oops & oh dear!
Hope it recovers soon

The journey from locked in must quiet something and better as hindsight, lots of hindsight. Well done at beatn g paralysis & best wishes with the foot!! :foot: :sun_with_face:

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Thanks a lot Simon. Been a looooooooooooooooooooooooong road. Seem to take five steps forward then fifty back! Cheers. Carole :slight_smile:

Oh no hope it gets better soon Carole @Spacer
These sprains can take an age to heal sometimes. Take care xx

Thanks Mrs5K and janecobley. 8 hour wait at hospital yesterday. Sprain will heal in a few weeks. Blood taken showed that I have CELLULITIS which was causing swelling and redness - wow! Drugs will clear in week! OMG! Feel so lucky, because this infection could have killed me eventually, if left untreated apparently! Doctor said ‘maybe it was a GOOD thing I twisted and fell onto loo!’ Guardian Angel must have gently pushed haha! Carole xx :slight_smile:

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@Spacer well they do say with every negative there’s always a positive. Not quite what you expected from your visit but at least it can be sorted now you know about it.

Hope your cellulitis & ankle heal soon xx

Thank you Mahoney. Swelling made it LOOK broken. Phew! Carole

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Thanks sooo much Mrs5K. Sure WASN’T what I expected AT ALL wow! Jeez! Dodged a bullet there! Carole xx

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Much sympathy. I too fell and had to have X ray. It seems I have damaged my ligaments and have to rest for six weeks. Not happy!!!

Oh no @l_platt hope you’re doing ok. xx

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l_platt poor you. Thanks, love and hugs. Stay strong :slight_smile:

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