Brain Injury Identity Card

I’ve just applied for a Headway Brain Injury Card as I think it will be useful when dealing with people in stressful situations. It allows you to display four main issues you may have as a result of stroke. It doesn’t cost anything, and I wanted to share the link for people who might not be aware of this.

My main issues I put down were:

Memory problems
Obsessive compulsive (this applies to having lack of impulse control)

So, I think, for me, this covers everything I may experience in a hectic public place or bureaucratic situation. I got it not for any legal reasons, as I would never even dare litter. Nor do I think it will get me into exclusive bars and restaurants, but you never know what circumstance this fairly point blank disclosure may come in handy.

Headway explains that the card can be used in all scenarios, see below.

"I have never come into contact with the police – is this card for me?

Absolutely! The card can be used in many different everyday social scenarios to help you access any support you may need."


Hi Rups
I’ve been with Headway Hertfordshire for 5years since my stroke, they’ve been amazing with the support they give. I have a brain injury card too x


This is very good. Thank you for sharing. I have no idea how I get poof of brain injury though. I suffer from anxiety, fatigue, forgetfulness, more aggressive (blunt, in other words) - I like this bit, I tell someone how it is, no-frills, then immediately apologise and say sorry, I’ve had a stroke lol

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Hi Rups
What reaction have you had on any occasion when you’ve used the card? I have a friend who always feels terrible about the time he takes at a supermarket checkout, with all those eyes (real or imaginary) boring into his back. I wonder if such a card might help?

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Hello @Stewart1, that’s an interesting question. They haven’t approved the card yet, but I did think about when it might come in handy. I was thinking in respect to busy places, yes, perhaps supermarkets. Train stations too. On buses maybe. Definitely with bureaucratic situations such as if I had to visit some administrative place and fill in forms or wait in queues (I can’t stand for long periods without needing to sit down or move at the moment). I get extremely uncomfortable waiting for long periods, it might help with speeding up that process. I don’t think I would just flash the card at people, but I might show it and explain why I might need to leave a situation or why I am doing things the way I am doing them. I guess in the same way a disabled badge is used for parking, if I need to sit down and keep my queue space, it would be very handy.

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Hi Rups
Thanks for your helpful response. I can certainly see how it would be very beneficial in the circumstances you outline. On reflection, I’m less certain how effective it might be in a supermarket queue. It might be Ok to draw to the attention of the till operator that there is a reason for you having to take your time, but it wouldn’t exactly help all the others queueing behind. I think it is probably the idea that all the folks standing behind are annoyed - and that, in part at least - may well be imagined.
I would value your comments again though, if you don’t mind, once you’ve received your card and had the opportunity to use it three or four times.
Cheers mon.

It’s an extremely useful tool in the arsenal. Who ever came up with the idea deserves a medal !!


Hello @Stewart1, I will keep you posted. Another scenario came to mind, although it is possible to explain things to people, a card that requires proof of the injury makes a statement more accredited. If I were to do a course, I think presenting this card to the coordinator would allow me flexibility in a more authoritative way that might otherwise not be provided. We’ll see how it goes.


Thank you. I have now applied

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The Brain Injury card is a brilliant resource. I highly recommend it to everyone.


I’ve used it when stopped from entry into a hospital with my daughter. I showed the security guards the card and they responded very differently, in an instant. Being more than helpful in seeing me on my way to the ward.

I’ve not had to use it shopping all the Lidl girls know me and are very helpful anyway.

Most of my difficulty arises when I’m on the phone. I can’t think quick enough and the right words don’t come out, especially if I’m being pressed. I have sent email photocopies of the card to people I know I’m going to be talking to, in the past and that’s worked very well.


Delighted that folks respond well to the card. Great idea to send a copy ahead of a planned conversation too!

A blessed Easter to you!

Hi Ian,

I won’t take any official or important information or instruction over the phone for the same reason as you. I have made it clear to government bodies such as the DWP etc, that a phone conversation is not on and any necessary instruction etc MUST be in the form of a letter or e mail.

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I must look into this. At first I was considering getting a disabled lanyard as I don’t think it’s obvious that I’ve had a stroke, at least not until I bump down steps on my bottom or take ages deciding which phone charger I need, but really I don’t think I generally need specific help in general situations and I certainly don’t think I should be exempt from mask wearing which is the situation most associated with lanyards. This might be less obvious but useful in some circumstances

Was given card when I first attended my stroke group. First used it at village post office, bus timetable outside looked like smudged barcode ! for ants. Kind shop assistant cave me the A-Z,pity I can’t remember it. Should be given out when you leave hospital with The Stoke Association booklets and medication. It is vital if you have communication skills

The other Stroke card, That doesn’t exist! My wife says I must not play it too often. In early days I would bleat “ but darling I’ve been stroked” worked for a while but not now, Tough Love but nessesary

Is this the card you remember @Pds?

You can order these Communication Cards from the Stroke Association shop. The card is free, but there is a shipping cost.