Boxing Day

Well it’s my anniversary tomorrow one year since having my stroke so I am now stroke survivor in last year there as been lots ups and few down moments but each day is challenging but each day I am determined to live my life as fully as I can each day is a step into unknown I have made bucket list to fix my focus on to challenge myself so I am celebrating my anniversary as another stroke survivor merry Christmas to all of YouTake care stay safe stay warm and all of you have wonderful joyful peaceful Christmas love best wishes Kaz61


Merry Christmas Kaz. Heres to the next year bringing you more progress. Good to hear you’ll be celebrating the anniversary. Positivity helps so much along the journey… best wishesxx

The same to you. Onwards and upwards.

Merry Christmas everyone
2 and a half years today the 26th
What a roller coaster the last few years have been, no physical symptoms as such just more brain ones, cognitive etc, you know what I mean, but it’s the stroke fatigue that gets me down and the awful aching just before it happens, but I’m learning to live with it and sometimes still have a good cry about life before stroke…
We’ve just booked to go abroad on a plane for the first time since my stroke, I feel a bit anxious/excited and my husband has booked the lounge at the airport so it will be a bit quieter for me
Hope you are all staying safe and well and a very Happy new year to you all ….may 2023 just make us stronger, thankful, and determined
Love Jane x

Hi Jane @Kenmore happy christmas to you too.

I totally get the cognitive issues. They’re debilitating at times aren’t they.

Try not to worry about going on holiday. I had my stroke 12 months ago & have flown twice to Europe. All went fine. I booked airport assistance as standing in a long security queue was too much for me along with the long walk through the airport. Worth considering if you suffer fatigue as it will help.

Best wishes for the new year.

Ann x