Blue Badge

Something simple but worth celebrating - I got my blue badge today! Can't wait to use it. ☺

...another blow to the system...well done can park on double yellow lines now, legally of course. ...enjoy

wahey, that will give you a bit of flexibility now. persistence is  what it is all about 

 enjoy it, a small but very significant step forward 


Yay! Definitely worth a celebration. 

Do you think its possible to get blue badge or does it depend on how bad your stroke is. It is difficult to walk far from car to shop but Im not sure if they will.Reorita

There are criteria based on how far you can walk. The county council issue them. You can look up the process.


Hi Reorita!

When I applied online, initially my application was disapproved. Apparently based on answering 5 questions online they deemed me not disabled enough. I asked for our county councillor's help and a representative of the county (an actual living, breathing human being) gave me a call and after asking me pertinent questions he did agree that I deserve a blue badge. I have a drop foot and spasticity in my right leg so I use a rollator (walker). I only walk 10 to 20 yards and I have to stop and rest. I also have some vision loss so when I stop to rest I also have to reassure myself of my surroundings which tires me out further.

Anyway, it is worth applying. If online your application is rejected/ disapproved do appeal and insist on being assessed by a county staff. If you have a good county councillor ask for their help. Don't give up until you get a fair and satisfactory outcome. When they are assessing you always give them the worst case scenario. Don't downplay your disability. Don't over-exaggerate but don't downplay it. It is wortn applying and getting that blue badge. Apparently, also having that blue badge will also help when you are applying for other benefits. Wishing you the best. (You have to apply to your county council.) ☺


You should definitely apply for a Blue Badge. It's not always easy, you have to be VERY persistent!!! It's exhausting, mine went to two appeals, and an assessment, but eventually I got one!!

Thank you for advice. reorita

Thank you Ruby I will bear that in mind and keep persevering! reorita

Thank you Janet