Blood pressure

Post your BP management regime, medication and discoveries below :slight_smile:

Let’s build a ‘wisdom of crowds’ body of practises that a little analysis might either confirm our own current practises or suggest lessons from others experiences to take into our own self-care - sea caveat at the end

During this week I measured my blood pressure at 190 over 100, pulse at rest of 90 - at 4am!

That was due to stress. See

I don’t normally monitor it like I used to. I measured it today and it was 160 over 80 with a pulse of 55 after a big French breakfast cup of freshly ground coffee :slight_smile:

Better but not perfect

I’m on 16 mg of candysartin taken with breakfast every morning.
I’m Pretty good taking it consistently.
I also take at the same time clopidogrel 75mg, atrovostatin 40mg, and lanzaprolo- although I did read on here once that you should take a statin at night (?)

I have an omron blood pressure monitor that doesn’t connect with Bluetooth to take the readings off - a mistake in purchasing it that I wouldn’t make again :frowning:

In the first year I often struggled with dizziness when I stood up or when I tilled my head back to look up.
I still get it like a little.
At that time I also took a beta blocker and my heart rate was about 45 - I had a liaison nurse at the time who said “ooh 45 is low no wonder” & spoke to the ‘supervising professor’ who then advised my GP practise to change my meds - the gp is otherwise almost impossible to reach now

When I take my blood pressure I do three readings in a row and I normally find the first one is higher than the next two.
I’ve never understood why they say anything other than “report the highest”- surely that’s the one that gives you the most risk?

In the first year I took my BP morning and evening. Now - @ 37mths - I don’t take it unless I’ve had a wobbly feeling or something else triggers me to.

I take a statin but I don’t know what my cholesterol is and my GP practice doesn’t monitor it

I think probably I should do BP at least weekly. I’ll resolve to try and remember that and I think I’ll use this pesky new e consult interface they’ve hidden behind to request a review

My machine tells me 160 is higher than it should be and it was around 140 last time my meds were reviewed and I believe that a healthy target is 120 over 80

I wonder what our general experience and specific observations or lessons will reveal

Ps since none of us are medically trained I suggest nothing you read here above or below influencing to change your medication routine without discussion with a properly trained medical advisor


Target is 120 / 80 if you can achieve that without tons of meds.
If half the meds get you to 130 / 85 then that is a more efficient arrangement.

I believe the Doctors who tweaked my BP meds achieved the best “bang for the buck” leaving me at 130 / 85. It took them 3 weeks, of daily modification to reach that.

My wife just made me a beetroot & pomegranate juice… that will bring it down further

Good luck, Roland


I bought the omron with the pre formed arm cuff. Much better than the normal wrap. Doesn’t send off readings but allows store on the machine.
It’s interesting to see the range of medicines.
I have amlodopine 5mg as 10mg whilst very effective gives balloon foot.
Doxasosin 4mg and ramipril 10mg complete the list.
Have got down to 120/80 on odd occasion but very variable, normally higher. My consultant was very keen on me having my adrenal surgery as she advised they would run out of items to control it when older.

I used to get white cost syndrome in hospital. Was 235/155 on one visit. Felt like world on my shoulders, vision restricted. Wonder how close I was to a stroke then. Walked out and could feel it all lifting.

There is a thought that your BP will get higher as you get older. Guess is natural as items restrict.



Aged garlic can work wonders in lowering high blood pressure.

Statins can you make you super tired and achy. Are you sure you need it?

Take good care of yourself.


Nigel, hi

Like you, I have amlodipine 5mg 2x a day and doxazosin 8mg x2 a day
then perindopril and spironolactone (added on later but I think is superfluous)

When you look up Amlodipine there are some nasty side - effects connected with the eyes
I’ve been told by the ophthalmologist that some of the information is wrong (restricting blood flow to retina causing blindness) and applies to a different medication. Anyway, something I’m still researching

Hope you’re okay, ciao, ciao, Roland

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For the benefit of everyone following this post here’s a copy of a blood pressure chart to know your readings:


Thanks @EmeraldEyes

Wonder if you’re in the red zone you have an assignable cause does that establish your liability?

The chart is quite sobering because I don’t think I’m in the green area ever

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Not enough to raise my blood pressure, I don’t work that way :wink:

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Actually Simon, if you are regularly getting readings above 140 over 90, heck even above 120 over 80, I would see your doctor. High blood pressure raises your temper, you anger, irrationally so, and becomes a viscous cycle until something goes bang.

Take your 3 times a day for a few days keeping the times consistent. Maybe one of them could be first thing in the morning before you get out of bed so the doc can see what it’s like at rest.

@SimonInEdinburgh That does sound a wee bit high Simon and I agree with Emerald.
I have what they call white coat syndrome. When I get checked by the Doc. I am a bit nervous and the reading is high. He then has me take some deep breaths and the 2nd reading is usually about 120/70.
When at home I use my omron , I’m in my easy chair and the reading is sometimes even lower. I take baclofen for spasticity and this can lower blood pressure as well as my meds. My BP med is lisinopril. and I take a low dose aspirin.
The Statin, at least in America is a must for all stroke victims as a safety measure so I was automatically given this.
I do some strength training along with isometrics to help lower pressure and forms of meditation and prayer for stress. Being retired is a really big help in lowering stress. :smile:
p.s. Doing everything slowly and with mindfulness has helped me a lot during the day.


Me too, but your bp is brilliant
Another tip is keep both feet on the ground… if one is not resting on the ground you will get a wrong reading

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@pando Yes, never cross your legs. and take deep ,breaths and calm yourself for a wee bit, then take the reading.

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Shouldn’t we go with the higher rather than the lower readings?

Don’t they express the nature of the risk that we’re exposed to?


@SimonInEdinburgh .Systolic (high reading) is most important.
I hope you have read my post and also Emerald’s. Might be of help.

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I have no idea which reading you go with when taking 3, Simon
I go with the lower reading
but sometimes I’ve had a systolic difference of up to 20, when taking bp 3 times
normally there might be a difference of less than 10


If you mean your n EE’s posts in this thread then yes I have


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@SimonInEdinburgh Good, We care a great deal about you Lad. :wink:


Hi, I’ve just seen doctor as as I have said before still feeling unsteady after 7 1/2 months.
Thoughts were as others have said could be meds. His thoughts are not meds and kept me on Ramipril, Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin. My BP was high in hospital in high 160’s . Fortunately now BP down to Mid 120’s over Mid 80’s respectively. My cholesterol was 5.8. last check was just over 2. Trouble is I’m still suffering all symptoms I had after my stroke don’t seem to be improving.
however my point is stick to your meds. Seems to be working for me keeping the BP and Cholesterol in check.
Take care. (ps. I’ve managed not to miss a single tablet to date)

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I never take the first reading to be true and nor do the nurses at the surgery when they check my BP, and they tend to take it 3 times with me too. I always find that first reading to be high due to whatever way the machine works. And if I were to take mine straight after my hubby has taken his, the reading would be out then too. So I always just go with the 3rd reading.

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@EmeraldEyes I also make sure at home, I am not walking from one room to another or coming up the stairs and then taking the pressure. I need to sit for a while and then take it twice.