I was wondering if anyone writes blogs to aid their recovery? 

I came across this the other day online, and it has some really helpful tips on how 'Writing to recovery' can help and even inspire you and others -

Also, if you're struggling with communication issues post stroke, writing can certainly aid your recovery.

Do you have a blog, or even a poem you'd like to share? 

I began to make daily notes very shortly after my husband's stroke, last August. I had several reasons for doing this ( I won't bother listing them, don't want to bore you), and I have to say that I'm so glad I did it.  Sometimes I was too tired to write very much, so I've just tried to note key events, his comments, level of activity, changes etc I work full time so I don't have masses of spare time to make detailed notes.  

It has proved to be an extremely useful tool - I can see his progress and can remind him when he's feeling frustrated, I've been able to see that he's gained weight (he lost 12kg, and was already quite thin!!), I've used it to support meetings with OTs, specialists etc, so although it felt a bit pedantic at times, it's proved its worth several times over.  I have also taken photos/made short videos - mostly with his knowledge - because I can see differences in body language, movement etc  

Keeping any sort of record would not have been possible for my husband, so I felt that I was partly doing it on his behalf as much as my own.  I realise that there are a lot of SS who would have had the ability (and desire) to do that independently - Colin on this site, has kept a diary and encourages others to do the same - I would back him totally on that, or if you can't manage independently maybe ask for some help.  It doesn't need to be written down, there are so many other options these days.

I couldn't call it a blog, it's just dated notes on Pages programme (Mac), however I would be willing to share (probably!) I'd love to be able to say I'd got round to writing a poem, that would be amazing, maybe I will when I retire laugh  I'm about to go away for a few days, but will look at the link suggested when I return - thanks.

Just before I sign off - yes, nearly there!! - I was concerned that post-stroke my husband's voice seemed to have changed, it was higher in pitch, slightly wavery, just didn't quite sound like him.  I mentioned this to nurses and OTs, as they had nothing to compare it with, they were just pleased that his speech was improving.  Anyway, my husband owns and runs his own business, and it is his voice on the answer-machine message.  So I have (tragically!!) phoned the number from time to time, just to listen to his 'previous' voice, and to hear as his voice has gradually improved, and moved towards its previous sound quality - not really a blog or anything like it, but it has been quite comforting to me to hear his previous voice, (even just giving a simple message), because it's something I've really missed.  Ooops, just felt really emotional thinking of it - sorry!!

Have a good day - happy blogging smiley

I'm glad it has helped you as a family member, and it is definitely something you can both use to track your husband's recovery and improvements. 

We hear many stroke survivors and family members miss the 'old' person, but like many of you have said on here, they have just become a different version of you, and that can be a positive thing as well.

Thank you for your reply, have a lovely weekend.




hi nic hope your well

can I just say just reading your replies to myself and other people you come across really lovely and genuine and this shows in your messages.

i hope you have a good break wherever you go...look forward to speaking to you soon x

Ah thanks, that's very kind of you.  I think this site has a lovely atmosphere, so many people want to share and support, it's helped me a great deal through the year.  

Take good care, and I look forward to sharing posts with you smiley

Thanks Vicki - you also enjoy the w/end 

Nail on head.