Today was my eldest daughter b she would have been 47 finding it still hard to understand why our children should not die before us, having had my grands here has helped as took my mind of it a bit until we visited her resting place and just wanted to collapse been 5 years now

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Mickeyboy, your reactions are very understandable, but we can never know why these things happen. One of my brothers died suddenly in his early 40s leaving three children, the youngest being two. I think of him always and how sad it was that he didn’t see his children grow up. Kind thoughts.

@Mickyboy a difficult day for you. Hope your grandchildren brought you some pleasure today. A very difficult thing to go through. Sending my thoughts & best wishes to you. xxx

Must be so hard my thoughts are with you and your family.
Hope your grandchildren have lifted your spirts.
Take care.

Dear Mickyboy. My thoughts are with you. Lilian.

Thanks for messages coping well but still wobble

Mickyboy- I’ll have you in my prayers tonight. :heart:Jeanne

My thoughts are with you, Mickyboy. Take care. Triciax